Jackson King V KVXMG
Jackson King V KVXMG

King V KVXMG, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the X series.

Pioudu11 01/30/2014

Jackson King V KVXMG : Pioudu11's user review

«  Very good guitar »

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Made in India
24 frets neck through
ORIGINAL Floyd Rose (model "special")
EMG 81 bridge 85 neck (thus active)
Volume 1 (linear), 1 tone, 1 3-position selector
Amazing for this price range violin.
Setting provide some small tweaks own factory.
Mine is black, very well finished but hello fingerprints.
Mounted and adjusted to 9-42


Handle end (thickness) but not too narrow (width), good spacing between the strings, perfect for little hands with big fingers! Very easy to play, fast, almost flat (light radius)
Access to acute is bluffing with the handle stuck.
Case 23 and 24 a little less easy but I quibble.

The guitar does not sting the nose to play sitting must put shoulder. She is not heavy even after several hours of rehearsal. The biggest flaw of this guitar is the pickup selector access to the general bar Floyd. It is really painful!
For those who (like me) change microphones three times solo ben good luck!


Metal guitar to play metal (but not only ...)
81 the clear sound is a little short in mid and low but once you put the distortion phew! Its very accurate saturated, it does not bleed it's very powerful short it sends!
The 85 is quite versatile. Clear sound pretty cool as long away ropes. With distortion, its precise and well rounded, solo it works wonders.
This guitar can be quite versatile (staying still in the hard rock) provided to play the volume knob. I play Marshall superbass 100 W 1969 without saturated, so all the pedals channel.
Tested on Mesa Boogie correct on saturated fat sound too but I prefer my Marshall channel.


I use it for a month 3 hours per day it may seem short to judge but we feel at once that this guitar is born.
Floyd does not tune at all even being violent. A view over time.
I like its look and its handle its fat. A metalheads can not be disappointed with this guitar.
It's not perfect but honestly guitar at this price I did not expect such quality.