Steinberg The Grand 3
Steinberg The Grand 3

The Grand 3, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Steinberg in the The Grand series.

didebmo 12/25/2010

Steinberg The Grand 3 : didebmo's user review

«  Worse than The Grand 2 »

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I had the grand 2 and I am really disappointed with the version 3!
I do not understand why Steinberg did not at least include sounds from version 2 ... (copyrights problem apparently ...)

Comparison with Ivory 1:
I first bought an ivory ago + / - 3 years. Listening to the grand 2 weeks later I regretted not having bought it instead of the ivory. So I bought also the grand 2. I continued to use ivory for pieces requiring more jazzy sounds, and more metal sounds. I used the big 2 for more intimate pieces (warmer sound).
Since I got the grand 3, it is clear and that it sounds much more metallic than the ivory = reverse! = Shame. So I mainly use the ivory. I just saw that ivory 2 arrived recently with a lot of improvements, including the sound of the pedal ... so I think I'm going to pay for the upgrade and too bad for the grand 3 that I already bought.