Image Line Toxic Biohazard
Image Line Toxic Biohazard

Toxic Biohazard, Virtual hybrid synth from Image Line.

AlanForPresident 06/03/2012

Image Line Toxic Biohazard : AlanForPresident's user review

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Image Line’s Toxic Biohazard is a plug in that I didn’t even know existed until one day (a few years ago) I was messing around with some of the demo plug ins and vst’s that came with fl studio 8. I came across Biohazard and thought it was pretty cool. So I decided to purchase it because it really didn’t cost that much directly from image lines website.


Very easy to install and configure, it was made by image line and I used Fl Studio by image line so it all worked perfectly. Also, I purchased it directly from Image Line and already had the demo on my computer so it was basically just a matter of unlocking the full software, because it was already installed (in demo mode) on my computer so there wasn’t a need to reinstall which made it really quick and easy.


You can get some really good synths in Toxic Biohazard, one that that surprised me was the quality of the presets with out having to do any editing or tweaking to them. They are ready to be used in my instrumentals right away. Plus on Biohazard there are a bunch of different effects that you can use right on the vst and add more if you want through a mixer channel. Most of the time I just use the mixer channel for effects though just because that’s what im use too. One thing I wish is that biohazard would come out with way more presets to us paid users. There are enough, but not a lot of them. I like to have a wide variety of sounds to use. Maybe they do have more you might have to just buy them though. But none the less Biohazard with provide you with some cool synths that are really gritty. Its worth the money.