Image Line Toxic Biohazard
Image Line Toxic Biohazard

Toxic Biohazard, Virtual hybrid synth from Image Line.

BadApple 03/22/2011

Image Line Toxic Biohazard : BadApple's user review

« Hardstyle synth definitely !! »

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With image line's Toxic Boihazard there was absolutely no problem in installation. This is because it comes with fl studio so if you install that properly then of course this will work.
It is a very easy synth to navigate. There are some very nice features on this synth that are easily accessible.
No compatibility issues at all with this vst.
Basically what I am saying is that since it comes with fl studio and that installs on your computer then this vst will be installed with it.


With my production laptop being pretty quick and decent when producing. The specs being 4gb ram and 1.8GHz processor, it does not lag or cause any problems when I am using this vst.
Everything is stable, I have never had any problems due to the vst crashing mid session or anything like that.
I have used it on and off for around 3 to 4 months when producing hardstyle synths.
The performance from this vst is great. I can not fault it at all.


The best thing to me personally with this vst is creating hardstyle synth leads, they are really easy and great sounding on this vst and I recommend it to any of the producers that ask me how to make synth sounds like the ones in the hardstyle genre.
I would recommend this vst to any hardstyle producers out there because the sounds are great.
I have to say that my least favourite thing about it is that I only think synths sound good on it, making bass does not sound that great in my opinion I have other vsts to make bass with so it is not really a problem to be honest but there should be some nicer ways to get a good bass on this synth.
And to say that it comes with fl studio for no extra cost it is definitely worth having a go with to get yourself used to making great synth sounds.