Image Line Toxic Biohazard
Image Line Toxic Biohazard

Toxic Biohazard, Virtual hybrid synth from Image Line.

stompboxjon 07/04/2012

Image Line Toxic Biohazard : stompboxjon's user review

« runs good »

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BioHazard was a vst that I thought had a lot of potential to be great, it runs smoothly and gives you all of the options to edit and transform your sounds right on one screen, there are no menu’s or other screens you will have to worry about or navigate through. Its all right there on the main vst screen which makes it easy but still difficult at the same time if you don’t know what everything means.

The program was easy to install, the demo version was already installed on my copy of Image Lines Fl Studio. I did need to hit the fl studio message boards for a lot of my questions with BioHazard when I first started using it.


If you are into making trance music, or maybe even some spacey music then I think Bio Hazard is perfect for you. Most all of the sounds are really trancy like though and that’s one thing that I didn’t like about it. I do make Trance and progressive house music from time to time but I don’t think the sounds were versatile enough for me. I wanted to hear some thicker sounds and less spacey ones. that’s where BioHazard fails to me.


Overall, it’s a solid vst that will give you no computer problems or any issues using it. But the sounds selection was a problem for my style of producing. I felt like BioHazard kept me in a box, the way that I know if a vst is good for me or not is if I can complete a whole song right in that 1 vst. BioHazard just wouldn’t be able to do that for me because I like to mix different types of sounds together when I create. But it seems like it would be a great vst for someone who is into trance and hard style music 24/ 7.