Native Instruments Absynth 3
Native Instruments Absynth 3

Absynth 3, Virtual Modular Synth from Native Instruments in the Absynth series.

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Choc 02/22/2006

Native Instruments Absynth 3 : Choc's user review


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No problem there, Native Instruments has started to have the bottle


Test on an athlon 1.8 G Ram 1024 with a sound card EMU1820. I mostly use Absynth in Cubase VST Sx1. It works very well.


Absynth3 is a worthy successor to two previous versions.

This synth Submitted the advantage of being an effective compromise between the power of a modular synthesizer and ease of use of synthesizer architecture fixed base. Compared with modular synthesizers apps like Reaktor, MaxMSP or PD, sounds can be programmed quickly, it is really intended for the purpose of sound design ..

Among the models of exploitable synthse include:

Additive (3 * 2 tilt (if dual mode))
Subtractive synthesis (several filters can be connected to one of three channels or the master)
FM synthesis (should not expect, however, has connections as complex as the DX7)
Synthesis AM
Synthesis by physical MODEL (With the use of comb filter it is possible to implement the models for waveguide)
Sampling & synthesis by granular synthesis.

The app has a section LFO, LFO or 3 are assignable to different parameters
It is possible to create these waveforms in "drawing" the temporal representation or frquentielle
The envelope section is ULTRA POWERFUL. It is possible to create envelopes very complex (eg rhythm), all synchronized to the tempo of the host software!
Small snag at the noon (must have used some tricks to control certain parameters of synthesis).

I was hooked, I no longer use this synth. It excels for Pad sounds, the rhythmic and noisy digital sound. The sounds are all the same very typs. Finally, this software is not suitable for those seeking sound ready (the stamps are very complex and ill come to be grafted has a composition rich enough already), the interest of absynth lies in the programming of new sounds!

Artistic level, it's my muse. Plupard the sounds I have in my head can be easily CRER with this synth. In addition he has a personal touch very cold quite unique!