genelek 08/25/2005

MOTU Symphonic Instrument : genelek's user review


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Installation without problem with cubase as SL2 hte.A part I had several choices of files to accommodate my vst and I made the wrong the first fois.Avec must choose cubase vst / plug-in.
English manual, but simple.
The instrument could not be simpler to use.


I'm on 1.91 Ghz PC with 1GB of RAM my sound card is an audiophile USB MAUDIO.
Unlike what happens sure my PC has never break under the weight of a large rverbe convolution with the same time rverbration pushed to the max.
Else there is no audio stream and yet the sounds are in charge very quickly.
Unless you have saved your multis rglages personal and you want to reload, I found the qu'teindre the convolution rverbe allowed acclrer the process.
Good rverbe convolution absorbs nearly half the processor power.
By stacking against the fact of the sounds in multi rpercussion not great in this regard.


I use it for two days and it's even better than I thought!
A bank of sounds superb and exceptionnelle.J 'dja had expressed my dismay when ultra silent focus out by talking about a comeback in arrire.Enfin I have proof that this is not the current technology ordis of limiting the performance of plug in but it does have the talent of the designers.
There is practically only in MSI sounds fall by terre.Et sounds when I say I should say finally Instruments ralistes living under your fingers.
And when you see the price (289) I think all those who have ears raqui mouths to plug in gadgets or too complex and who have to bite your fingers!
I think MSI is THE FIRST rvolution true in the world of plug in.J 'Espree REFERENCE he will act as Amneris, and that designers would couraging inspiration for future virtual instruments where you can finally find tablecloths, bass, gutar height.