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E-MU Proteus VX
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MoBuc 07/02/2011

E-MU Proteus VX : MoBuc's user review

« I really like the Proteus VX.. »

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I love the sounds of many of the 1, 025 default samples that come with Proteus VX. I am particularly happy with the various Piano, Drum Kits, and Orchestral samples.

In my opinion, it's default sound samples (not comparing to the Editing Features of more advance Sound Modules) are generally better than HalionOne, and DirectWave's default sounds. And Proteus gives you more of them.

If you at least know what a MIDI Implementation Chart is or wear to find it for your MIDI Controller, setup is very intuitive unless. Even if MIDI is new to you, the Proteus manual is pretty good at walking you through initial installations.


Originally, I used an entry level Sequencer/DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Recorder software that cost only $50. The DAW worked nicely for it's cost but- I had to download and use the free MIDI Yoke software cabling in order to use the Proteus VX as a VST pluggin or VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology instruments). The Beginner Level DAW would lock up after loading Proteus VX. (The DAW only- not the computer!)

I advanced to using Cubase LE5, which had no problems running Proteus but could only run 1 instance of Proteus at a time...A limitation of Cubase, no fault of Proteus. However, the Proteus manual (page 16) gives a 'work-around' that I have not been able to get to work in Cubase LE5. Thus, 1 Instance of Proteus on 1 Track at a time in Cubase LE.

I discovered the full versions of Cubase 5, 4, 6, etc. can run 1 instance of Proteus, over as many tracks as your computer can handle the resource loads. That's a good thing!


My overall opinion, is, I wish EMU/Creative Labs continued advancing and developing this product because it had great Sound Samples, had widespread Sample Support around the Web DAW World (alot of 3rd party freebie download Samples!), the program is very stable with good administration features, and as a freebie or bundle program, Proteus has a great price! :-)