MOTU MachFive
MOTU MachFive

MachFive, Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from MOTU in the MachFive series.

Blue Bird 09/08/2003

MOTU MachFive : Blue Bird's user review


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Installation on Mac impeccable (as always, ahem ...), but do not be anxious (for a CDRom install ', and a DVD ROM for sounds)
For my part, doc in English, but my port.


PowerMac G4 Dual CPU 1.25 GHz / 1 GB RAM / HDD Seagate, 2x60 GB (Raid 1) and 2x80 GB / RME DIGI96 / 8 PAD
On Logic 6.2.1
The beast purrs, without flinching, and this, even in him by asking a lot of things.
I regret having to wait a little for the DFD and the obligation to use the plug-in. Point Stand Alone.


I use it for one week is a rgal.
The interface could not be more enjoyable, and clear.
Before making my choice, I tested the two major race condition:
- Gigasampler, who despite his age is a MODEL of the genre, but has to default to turn on PC and not as easily Integrates into a virtual configuration only.
- Kontakt, whose interface is less "sexy", but that the offer of MRIT DFD (since 1.2 I believe) and be easily intgrable (as Mach 5) in a virtual environment.

But prices gal, I prfre all of the same Mach 5, by far!

The same choice? Assurment!