IK Multimedia SampleTron
IK Multimedia SampleTron

SampleTron, Virtual Sound Module from IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia SampleTron Shipping

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IK Multimedia announces that SampleTron, the second virtual instrument to be released from the Sonik Instruments’ range, is now shipping!

Developed in cooperation with Sonic Reality, SampleTron is a virtual instrument workstation featuring a collection of “Tron” and other vintage keyboards instrument samples.

IK Multimedia tells us that SampleTron includes a library of 17 rare “Tron” instrument sounds, together with a “Powered by SampleTank” engine, offering editing features in an easy-to-use, sample-based virtual instrument plug-in for every popular DAW and also as a standalone application for MAC and PC.

SampleTron includes over 2 GB of sounds, 640 presets and 260 multi-samples from 17 rare and vintage Mellotrons®, Chamberlins™, and their derivatives like the Optigan™, Rhythmaster™ and more.

SampleTron has a library of “Tron” instruments’ samples in one package, constructed of sounds *based on the following instruments:

  • Mellotron® M400
  • Mellotron® MK5
  • Mellotron® MKII
  • Mellotron® Powerhouse (8 Track Rhythm Machine)
  • Novatron®
  • Vako Orchestron®
  • Optigan™
  • Talentmaker™
  • Chamberlin™ Music Master 600
  • Chamberlin™ Music Master 400
  • Chamberlin™ Model 200
  • Chamberlin™ M1
  • Chamberlin™ M4
  • Chamberlin™ Rhythmate™
  • 360 Systems® “Digital Tron”
  • Roland® VP-330 (Choir)
  • Stylophone®

Software Features:

  • 16 part multi-timbral sample-based synth, allows extremely complex synth layering and advanced manipulation possibilities with STRETCH™ engine
  • 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly: traditional Resampling, Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch, and IK’s newly enhanced STRETCH™ engine
  • Built-in multi-effects with 4 effects per part selectable on 32 high-quality DSP effects, with BPM sync
  • Over 50 synth controls with Mono/Poly/Legato modes with selectable Legato, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, sync-able LBF/BPF/HPF Filters, Velocity, Range and Macro controls
  • Sounds can be read by SampleTank and can be used to expand its world of sounds
  • Works as a standalone application as well as a plug-in in Mac OS X (Universal Binary), and Windows (XP / Vista)

Price & Availability

SampleTron is now available from all worldwide IK dealers and distributors for just €249.99 for the full version and €199.99 for the crossgrade (prices exclude VAT).

Only previously registered IK users are eligible to purchase the crossgrade.
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