Korg Krome 61
Korg Krome 61

Krome 61, Workstation from Korg in the Krome series.

chris0058 10/12/2012

Korg Krome 61 : chris0058's user review

«  A great surprise »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Features on the Korg website, it is a workstation, I took the 61 keys version.
The Krome comes with an editor ... I have not yet tested.
I find the synth very snazzy, it has the mouth. I had one M50 workstation and a Fantom X6 and I have just sold my Motif XF again so I'll give you my first impressions.
Even the keyboard is of good quality, much better than the M50


The large color touch screen is a definite plus and it seems better quality than the M50. Navigation and editing are thereby much improved and it becomes very simple. I have not yet had to open the manual ... and I hope I never have to do! We will


Here is the part that I think needs to be expanded a bit ... Sounds ... What is it???
I can slightly compare with the hardware I've owned, I would not refer to virtual instruments, I do not see the point because often the advantage goes to them
 OK, let's start ...
The piano: Superb, better than the Motif XF to my ears, and there are quite a few and for all tastes.
The EP: Very convincing, nothing to say
The organ sounds very good in all styles with a special mention for the church organ which I taped ... Nothing to do with the MOTIF
The strings: very good also, good presence, as good as those from fantom or motif to me.
Brass defend themselves well throughout, the sax of the MOTIF is a little better but the difference is minor.
Guitars ... I was a little scared remembering those of M50 and there ... pleasant surprise for acoustic tzing tzing do not have a good record, but it is easy to further improve by adding some reverb and playing with the sustain and release. In the electrical korg are generally of good quality, again it is a success.
The choirs: They defend very well and are 100 times better than those of my XF which were actually  ... non-existent!
Bass are striking at will, of good quality and varied.
Cloths, pads, synth sounds are excellent as always from korg, good electro sounds.
Finally, Drums, all excellent and much better defined for me the XF or the Fantom, but again this is a personal opinion


For three days I have the Krome and I confess that I am not conquered this machine. She plays her role perfectly general workstation, with sounds that are generally all very good, clear and crystalline suspicion. There are certainly fewer sounds than on the XF but at least they are all different. The Krome is perhaps what I was looking for a while, a workstation easy to use thanks to its particular screen, sounds very good generalist covering all styles of music, a correct keyboard in this price range .. . Yes I think Korg has succeeded ... To see the time!
Of course I've tried other model and I chose the Krome for all these reasons. The value for money is excellent and I have made this choice before if the Krome was released ... before.

I would put a second opinion I think when I toured the beast!