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Korg Triton Studio 61
Korg Triton Studio 61

Workstation from Korg belonging to the Triton series.

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Pianistiquement Pianistiquement
Publié le 03/04/07 à 09:49
Value For Money : Excellent
Dsormais sold!

My Triton Studio V2 a silent home.
CHARACTERISTICS of a Triton, quite well known!
Except at the piano, Studio possde intgre card EXB-PCM 08 (great acoustic pianos). These are samples that sound good, while those of "Triton Classic" and "The" are catastrophic! Given the fact that I do almost as music can sound the most, I could not go through another gure version of Triton that it s that time. Currently, I think I prfr a Triton Extreme, but it came out 4 months APRS my purchase!
The drive Intgr silent option, and almost a scandal because c&#39;tait c&#39;tait the final outcome of the concept "Studio". The machine n&#39;tait vritablement complte with, but ... it took 600 more! But hey, they got me, I took it! ;-)


Gnrale configuration is not the height of the simplicity it promises. We put a little time to tame but once done, it makes things a surprising complexity, which have not even envy is a Cubase can leave. You just get to the bottom of things and work, plutt that use only 10% of the potential of an instrument.
Touch screen good but some display lag that makes it does not allow a speed tural "hyper-Lumire" in the job!
Editing and sound effects too little intuitive.
Manuel too little teaching, so that when opened, it was also quick to close it to avoid the breach of an eye!

Integrated systems of Direct to Disk. Gnial if you have a single source record, or both.

The use of hard disk Intgr (5 Gb) is a real rgal! CD-ROMs and floppy disks are used as backups extreme, it reloads all of the indoor machine ... A rve!

Sampler and arpgiateur: I do not use them. No opinion.


I use little or no sounds typical Korg synths, and I&#39;m not the optional EXB-MOSS. I do not think I Achter, I am not pro-trs-vintage analog.

on the other hand, ts audio, I must admit that your exact may be bluffing! But the still as it goes through the work, research or simply sound or a piano playing which gives the right rsultats. We can get out of surprising things ism, and the effort is more rcompens only when a sample of "Fantom X" finally plays itself! When it&#39;s your head, your fingers and wrists that give life a guitar, you have your most jou rle a musician when you operate a super-paramtr sample containing slides, additional noise and are ultimately more of a DJ you than anything else.

SPECIFICATIONS PCM08 Pianos the excellent level (even if not n&#39;galent samples Yamaha), electric pianos terrible guitars n&#39;galant correct but not those of the Triton Extreme or Yamaha Motif, all organs as diverse as ralistes, give Varis and terrible, bagpipes used even in the presets (it is a type of sound I love, and I must admit that it is the first synth that I do not have much to do on his home to get it perfect, the diffrence some of which I spent hours searching for the grain that works) strings down ... A bit of bass, just average.
The sheets would be reviewed. Analog too, is not enough Aboutt. Even when one is away from the extremely simple but gniale "Spin Pad" some Roland.
Drums and percussion are confounding. Moreover, one can use several kits in the same arrangement. This allows a job well and getting richer still in its prs of what is sought, rather than make do with what one could edit in one package, as of if we wanted a ct rcuprer the other.
Trs sound gadgets are fun, but I never abused a lot in my arrangements, not tired.

However, the overall 48 MB ROM trs is insufficient compared to current standards (Motif, Triton Extreme, OASYS ...). It should be the team option cards PCM not to be soon tired of his original samples.

The keyboard itself is incredibly dynamic, it can play smoothly and quickly.

Aftertouch too sensitive, even if paramtrable ... Bof! So I dconnecte for recording MIDI tracks, if not a parasite always my game too

5 insert effects, two effects matres and legalization at the end of a string.
This makes the Triton Studio is in Program mode or dcoiffant Combis, but you really have time and patience to program mode squenceur, since any changes from the chain of effects for only sound program mode, all the effects for 16 string sounds in sequence mode. Not always get empty sounds that sound, to make the right concessions on the good effects ... Etc! When you start a juggle, pleasure returns. Especially that of the diffrence Motif ES or Fantom X, Triton sounds without the sound effects that make them are really good to throw the trash!
It&#39;s a lot of work to learn, but worth it.
(Incidentally, one driven users think of the "Triton LE" or "TR" bnficient that only one insert effect for the total 16 tracks ...!)


At the time of my purchase, I tried the three versions of the Triton when available. "The", "Classic" and "Studio". It was not a doubt more than 10 minutes, given the kind of music I like, that c&#39;tait this version to buy. This also applies ct keyboard, for example, the keyboard of the "Classic" is comparable, the keyboard of "The" is a fake that borders the indescence!

I control it with my piano Yamaha numrique P120S (also sold), so the sensations taient much better than typing RH2 versions ProX Korg, a vritable foutage of mouth.
The Triton Studio 61 key silent really the best quality-price ratio for me.

Out of the logic of squenceurs Roland, I had a vritable learning to do. Currently, I think even when c&#39;tait an effort was worth it. I loop all thirty arrangements with him, and when I do hear, everyone, including experienced musicians, asking for the list of hardware that I used to do them. Rponse trs concise: "A Triton Studio", nothing more. Some do not even believe me, either. But you really make the effort to get to the bottom of an instrument of fun that plutt connect all five machines and a computer to do what we can do well with one trs!