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Korg Triton Studio 61

Workstation from Korg belonging to the Triton series.

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KorgTech KorgTech
Publié le 12/13/02 à 12:25
Value For Money : Correct
Sound-Gnrateur: Systm synthse of HI
Frquence dchantillonnage-48kHz
PCM-48 MB ROM, 429 multi-samples + 417 samples of batteries.
-Sampling, 16bit, 48kHz Sampling Stereo / Mono, 16 MB memory standard, expandable 96 MB
-Maximum of 1,000 multi-samples / 4000 samples. Up to 128 indexes can be assigned a multi-sample. AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S1000/S3000 samples and samples of multi-mapping) and give KORG format can be supported.
-Sound Source: 60 voices (60 oscillators) / Max 120 voices (120 oscillators) * in single mode, 30 voices (60 oscillators) / Max 60 voices (120 oscillators) * Double Mode.
-Polyphony of 60 oscillators to play PCM samples from the internal ROM bank or RAM (user samples) and 60 oscillators to play PCM samples from the internal Piano bank or dune expansion card EXB- PCM. The maximum is 120 oscillators.
-Keyboard: 61-keys-all keyboards have the VLOC the sensitivity and aftertouch.
-Effects: Systm multi-purpose Stereo numriques - 2 master effects (mono in, Stereo out), 5 insertions deffets (Stereo in / out) and 1EQ master EQ (3 band Stereo) simultanment.
Number of effects-102 (Insertion effects / 89 for master effects)
-Programmes/Combinaisons: 1,536 user programs, 512 pre-load (128 programs for gnrateur MOSS KORG sound can be added after installation option of EXB-MOSS sold separately) / 1.536 combinations user prcharges 512, 144 user drum kits, 20 drum kits pre load, GM Level 2 with 256 programs + 9 drum kits.
Squenceur-Section: 16 timbres, 16 tracks, RESOLUTION 1 / 192, 150 preset / 100 user MODELS, musical template configuration, 200 pieces, 20 Cue Lists, a maximum of 200,000 notes, supports read and save with standard MIDI files (formateRPPR (Thurs / MODELS recording in real time): One set per song, 74 MODELS pre-load.
0 and 1).
-Arpgiateur: 507 user MODELS (365 prchargs)
-Controller: Joystick, Ribbon Controller, 2 assignable switches, four assignable buttons, three buttons control the arpgiateur
-Control inputs: the sustain pedals (with the function half-pedals), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL)
-Output: Primary Individual =- 1, 2, 3, 4, S / PDIF (optical 24 bits, 48/96kHz, Headset Headphones
-Between: 1.2, Level switch LINE / MIC, Level volume, S / P DIF (optical 24bits, 48/96kHz)
-Floppy Drive 3.5 inch 2HD/2DD, internal hard drive of 5GB dorigine
-MIDI In, Out, Through
-Interface SCSI internal dorigine
-Display: TouchView Graphical User Interface, 320 x 240 points
The INFINITY-line with


The configuration-gnrale an extreme simplicity is largely thanks to the superb touch-screen LCD. The Triton Studio is much easier to use than most other synthtiseurs.
-The edition of sounds and effects is easy, everything is much more trs explained in the instructions in French.
-There are actually two books. The first named [basic manual] teaches you the basics of Triton Studio while the second named [guide paramtres] goes more deeply into the intricacies of bte.


-There are so many sounds, so many rhythms ... The Triton Studio allows you to play any kind of music. Need I say more?
-Effects are numerous and Varis, a total freedom.
-The expression is beautiful, it must be the same even on the 88 keys version because it offers the latest keyboard RH2 (Rel Spawning Hammer Action 2).


-I possde Triton Studio for 2 weeks, I play every day.
-The particular feature I like most is that it is a workstation of a beautiful quality. I can get my album with the Triton Studio, I just, it is full trs. It is not enough more that find a producer. The particular feature I like least is the price lev enough but any justification of the same.
"I had tried all his conccurents before acqurir.
-I find the report qualitprix correct, I have never seen a Porsche sold for a Twingo.
-If you had to do it again, I would do without hsiter.
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