Yamaha MX49
Yamaha MX49

MX49, Workstation from Yamaha in the MX series.


Yamaha MX49 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Nothing revolutionary »

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Somehow MOX Reason lite version.
Jaime good feel of the keyboard even though some say it is lighter than some other models, I find it very enjoyable to play.


Very simple to use on this side the hat, very clear manual yen dailleurs not even need too.
Jai likes there is the knobs to adjust directly chorus, reverb, etc. attack very practical at this level. In general way this is very intuitive even for layeriser two sounds together, to have access to arpegios etc..
The big Bb I put a synth that this is his side integration with different Daws.
Ormis that we can record the midi and audio via the USB cable, nothing extraordiaire side integration. Nothing has changed compared to multiple workstations outlets and nearly ten years. Can certe controlling the pause play etc. cubase (cubase have comes with) but quon sattaque to other DAWs this is the galley. Also there is no integrated editor, it is forced to buy a type editor vycro or even for other performances.

Another thing the output of the synthesizer (the volume output) is lower than other Yamahas. there is a workaround for this is still ca once to have a voice and editor daugmenter the volume of each voice if this is too low.


On this side of it is impeccable, I'm not as detailed sounds are worthy of the pattern, with just a little weak in the sounds of synthesizers is jai.


I keep a week as not correspond at all to my way of working.
once again the marketing of a company has been very effective for my purchase, I had been seduced by their arguments selling DAW integration. Well for now this synth sintegre do no better than any other synthesizer and especially do not particularly integrated as a VST plugin, we are always obliged to create a midi track and audio to record audio so nothing has changed since of years. I would say that only the virus TI sintegre perfect way in daw. The mainte this is a mild version of the release pattern.
sounds so very good the rest dexceptionnel anything ...
The thing that make me this is that even though it has very good sound it ny Arian that he can do that vst plugins can not do in 2013 level sound quality. 5-7 years ago I'll keep to the same sounds if the workflow is not fast, nen game not worth the candle. Cheap certe but ... But I'm a fan of Yamaha (speakers, mixers, headphones etc.)

When will we have a true worksation with sound quality but sintegre as a VST plugin, for now Korg, Roland and Yamaha are really nothing to change the picks for more than ten years, but they continue to make us believe that the integration is ...