Yamaha MX49
Yamaha MX49

MX49, Workstation from Yamaha in the MX series.

major63000 09/16/2013

Yamaha MX49 : major63000's user review

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Previous notice and AF test


Use simple, even simplistic. Very limited edition


The sounds are those of the pattern, do not worry. Probably the best sample library. Rhodes excellent, very beautiful strings, nice tablecloths.


I am owner of a Motif ES and wanted a second keyboard for live, with roughly the same functionality for the game on stage.
Big disappointment for two reasons: 1. the output level ... but I qu'espérais between a keyboard and a 2000 500 balls?? Well the result is clear: Huge lack of potato> MX49 ... asthma converters, where I am half the volume of ES ass, I'm on the block MX with 2000 + Db at the table. No punch, just beautiful sounds
2. the layer function is a semi-con. I wanted to split my keyboard into several play areas (4 on ground) and there: a split basis, or a layer that can stack sounds, but not cutting areas .... I can not read the ad, in which there is no evidence that it is impossible ... but for me it is unusable.

So nice to nomadic synth pretty squeaker with headphones on her bed, but out of the question to use live, except for use only its (even larger) at a time.
So, fine, but it will teach me to read the features properly before purchasing.
The lack of power output at the intended home studio and a well muscled to offset table.

Bought, tried one night and return directly to the seller.