Yamaha MX49
Yamaha MX49

MX49, Workstation from Yamaha in the MX series.

marclr17 11/16/2013

Yamaha MX49 : marclr17's user review

«  perfect for use in rock band »

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I come to give you my impressions of this keyboard, after several months of regular use.
For my initial specifications, this keyboard is almost perfect: I wanted a small keyboard (4 octaves) VERY lightweight, easy to carry in his bag backpack for 1-2 rehearsals a week of my group, with a maximum sound bank, but editable (envelope, resonance, filter ...) and effects (chorus, delay, reverb ...) in order to direct plug in stereo sound without the fuss or anything else.
A keyboard, not a gas plant, what ...
In group settings, go fast: Live sound without spending three hours hacking away in sub-menus, but can still make changes ("you can add to your attack her? ... ") easily and quickly.
For against all types arranger functions, sequencer, support etc ... we are not no use in rock band and could complicate the use of the keyboard, its interface, its price, its weight. Here, none of it: one branch, we look for the sound in the desired category, we change a bit if needed, it is placed in layer or split, a little effect, a transposition if necessary and it works directly ... no brainer ...
The box ryhtme troubleshoots but that's all it is ultra limited.
Functions to con kind DAW, 16 channel multitimbral, 999 arpeggios, demo songs, play WAV / MIDI etc ... I'm sick and seem totally useless. If I need a keyboard, controller or expander home studio, it is clear that I would not take that! ... They should have made the scene even more direct (with a better keyboard for example) and turn that stuff are useless! The plant performance is totally useless, it will have no compunction in putting ours (a piece by the group, so we have 128 pitches) instead.

The +:
o énooooorme his bank!
o the variety and quality of sound, qualibrés hair cell to the scene (in rock in any case, it works well, they are well chosen and leave nickel in the mix)
o fairly easy to use (at least for basic concepts)
o expression pedal that controls volume, MANDATORY group in my opinion
o transportability of the beast, required configuration groups (rehearsals, scenes, transport ...): it is small and VERY LIGHT, and that is happiness!
o the price! no competitor at this price so far
o Simplicity: you go into a button on the Performance configuration (for pieces prepared) in search of a sound bank, if necessary on stage etc ...

The -:
o it is cheap at the cheap ... I was not all that tough look good ... the pots are scary, the buttons are pitiful ... I do not know how long it will take ...
o the keyboard is a disaster! .... it is an insult at the hands of pianists ... Fortunately I am a Gifted keyboard, but put a real piano on it and you balance in the face pronto ... next, it is a Rolls Bontempi ...
velocity o ... they just abused the velocity I think in any case its effect on the volume of sounds, it said on stage it is convenient to add dynamics to pieces, accentuate the low / loud passages ...
o docs are pretty damn bad in my opinion
o the output level is insufficient (a maj BIOS solves this problem easily and blackjack)
o The quality of the cover (optional, no small profit), very average ... not even room to put the transformer, not abuse ...
o the power supply cable would have benefited from a longer hair on stage it is convenient
o display ... 2 lines and not graphic, it is limited, it is still ... in 1980

In conclusion, for use in rock band, it's perfect for the price. There is no one in this budget and that meets these specifications ...