Yamaha MX49
Yamaha MX49

MX49, Workstation from Yamaha in the MX series.

nightbird0 02/05/2013

Yamaha MX49 : nightbird0's user review

«  Very good »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Synthesizer Yamaha MX49,
4 octaves, 49 keys
1100 generalists sounds
2 controllers on the side (pitch and modulation)
4 knobs Contrle, which thanks to the "Knob Function" key gives access to 12 diffrentes actions on its
because each knob can excuter 3 diffrentes action
Audio, midi, headphones, amp, pedals of sutain. Everything he needs for a studio environment, live or home.


Camera easy to use plug and play
Manuel is not enough Detailed rfrer pdf file delivered with the cd
The edition of the sounds I can given my opinion because I do not interests me this part, the origins sounds are already very good and well rgls.


The gnraliste of synth sounds allow suited to all styles of varieties. They are perfect for music styles that intressent me, jazzy pop rock rnb reggae dance ...
All sounds are superb and trsralistes, they are all derived from xs pattern which is a reference number.
Being very funky jazzy on the edges I often rest on acoustic pianos, rhodes, the moog, bass ...
The strings are poustouflants were quick to take to a great composer of cinema.

on the other hand I t just dcu by DX style electric pianos that lack character and expressiveness (FM synthesis has its reasons)

The keyboard: a very soft touch synth classic, I prefer the personal touch of Roland keyboards, but the yam is not unpleasant.


I use it for 2 months, before acqurir I tried other models such as
7 xs pattern is excellent but not in my budget, quite bulky and whose entire workstation party does not interests me because software like Cubase or Logic ca do very well, so it's only the sounds intressent me and a good keyboard.

What I like most is
+ Sounds
+ Its weight, size
a compact wanton DAW workstation sampling part etc ...

what I like least
- Dx pianos
- Ct a bit plastic too lightweight that does not inspire specially robustness that the ancient machinery

good quality for money, I would do this choice