Pioneer DJM-707
Pioneer DJM-707

DJM-707, 2-Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

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spark972 03/26/2004

Pioneer DJM-707 : spark972's user review


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One of the big news of the beginning of 2004 ...
Mixer two ways:
- 2 line inputs
- 2 phono-line
- An input session
- A send / return for fx
- XLR Master 1
- Master 2 on rca
- A booth output
- Entered a mic combo
- 2 start (by fader or button)
Triple correction (switchable) + gain by


A little clutter to a 2-channel mixer, the bottom is littered with the state of diode reverse / fader start and another.
The switches in turn seem super fragile because too close and too upaders proméminents, I really afraid of breaking them stupidly.
Their position is adjustable comem it any mixer, except that here you are asked to bring home the Pio for that! It''s really nptk ...

Section adjusting fader / Xfade.
- Inversion of the 2 + cross upfader
- Adjusting the curve of the cross separately on each side
- Adjusting the curve of each upfader
- Adjusting the distance of attack of the crossfader
- Adjusting the hardness of the cross (not very noticeable and a little gadget I think ...)

The manual details extensively the different use of the start function and its agents, but who cares a finally force the manual is useless ...


I clearly recognized the Pioneer (which I'm not a big fan) is far from the clarity of SA8 or SA12 but the ears accustomed to the Vestax will not be out of place ...

The sound is still good (I did not say excellent), breathless with dynamic honest, of course everything is subjective, but "appear" that the table includes a compressor, and the block diagram of Regar the table I came across a mysterious "HPF" (?!?) which is located between the module and the mix output block, ie all their transit through him ...

The equalizer is especially known to be very discreet I find that either + or - it is still very subtle but right now I could not listen on large system ...


I have the table for about 3 days, she has already suffered a session with five excited, and so far (I knock on wood) it going again ...

What I like about this table is the concept generally, the possibilities of using the 4 line. However the fact that it is a Pioneer (sound quality and price) is a bit hard to digest and I think the bottom too crowded and disorganized. but hey it's the engineers who make the table at Pioneer ... not dj

Another big problem in my opinion: the inverters.
They are great in the wrong place in the top left of the vertical part, and therefore are not aligned with the faders. This means that vosu can not adjust the table to the touch is essential to bend down to find the right button ...

So given my previous table: Gemini PS626/Killer 19, 3002 Numark, Vestax 05, DJM 300/500/600, Stanton SA8 - SA12 is not the best I've had tabel but if it totu the most expensive and the price is not justified (sound clarity, ergonomics).

I do referrer aps that choice (I say this every time) because I think that's 800 euro for abuse of dominant position, for me this table is 600 euro maximum for I have found less thought that Stanton SA12 and the sound is not what we expect from this price range. The compressor gives fishing but I do not feel quite the dynamic on the table, but I wait to test on a big system to get an idea of ​​its final ...

Pioneer offers a table with interesting features, however, ergonomics (and certainly the sound) are not totu in line with the price but that's a habit must Pioner of consumers to absorb costly DJM909, DMP555 and DVD-DJ ...