Novation Remote 25
Novation Remote 25

Remote 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Novation in the Remote series.

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Virtual Decadence 07/20/2005

Novation Remote 25 : Virtual Decadence's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Motivation for choice

- 8 encoders, 8 knobs, 8 sliders, 24 buttons.
- Price (euros 355 bought at the Apple Expo 2003)
- General for manufacturing quality
- Systm template
- Connection used: USB (but everything else is).
- It would be an adapter included AIM but ... (It works well with a standard adapter, otherwise I get good feed it with a USB card Cardbus / USB on my powerbook but not with the standard USB port amientation the mac).


- Keyboard super enjoyable (from a M-Audio is the day and night)
- Easy installation (USB)
- Simple configuration with Reason and Logic.
- Ergonomics gnrale at the top.
- Navigation between the templates easy.
- LCD back-light super convenient (depending on display presets with names in the clear).

With no surface CONTRL ddi I use mainly to control Logic (comprhension environmental ncessaire the template tlchargeable Logic is despicable, there is better ).
Excellent also with Reason and Live.

NOTE: The Remote 25 ncessite a small program that translates MIDI data to make it work with standalone instrument Native on Mac OS X. But it works well.

11/2004 EDIT: Advice for Logic users: try the remote with the software LC-Xmu ($ 38 online at the site of its publisher This mule a Logic Control (no it not your motorized fader opration by the simple mind) and it is a pure delight with the Remote 25. It changes your life from a hacking environment.
You have access to change your bank to use faders or encoders on all tranches, plugins ...

EDIT 26/05/05: Novation provides a software editor for Remote SERIES. trs well done, this life-changing piece of software for edit these templates. You win a lot of time and can dsormais archive on the computer Manir simpler than a management tool sysex.


I use it for a year. I like the ergonomics gnrale and navigation. The touch keyboard as well.
Before I had a variety of keyboard in the same genre, with a Radium 61 M-Audio, which seems to me fade depuisr (touch the keyboard and the faders are horrible, and then have it when non-volatile presets same practice).

Problem: the mini joystick for modulation / pitch has a spring that has dboit after one year. We had to open the bte to replace and he could see redfaire any time.

With exprience ... I would do this choice. Except when they have finally released a version 49 or 61 keys.
Or I will opt for the audio version but it existed in firewire and not USB (which can RVer).

Qualitprix excellent report that I saw the promo benefitted. Otherwise it is trs good retail price.

EDIT 26/05/05: Most recent internship pub Announces Bass Station (in plugin pasen hardware) comes with all the balls .. Remote for purchasing the two sparment that much :-) .. a is the blow even more now.

EDIT 20/07/2005: I wanted to sell to buy more but I can not help myself dfaire. So I go up the overall score. Especially with the last edition of software patch that makes life easier and the price that Whereas down.