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  • A-designs EM-silver

    A-designs EM-silver - moosers's review


    The A-Designs EM-Silver is a single channel microphone preamp for 500 series style rack casings. A-Designs has a whole line of different colored (both visually and sounding) 500 series mic preamps. I've used a couple of them in this line, as we hav…

  • A-designs MP-2A

    A-designs MP-2A - moosers's review


    A-Designs MP-2A is a dual channel tube microphone preamplifier that should be used only inside the confines of a professional or semi-professional recording studio. There is also a single channel version of this preamp, known as the MP-1A. The conn…

  • A-designs EM-PEQ

    A-designs EM-PEQ - moosers's review


    The A-Designs EM-PEQ is a 500 series module that is designed after the classic Pultec equalizer. It's got the same Pultec make up that most engineers will be aware of, and certainly boasts a similar sound quality to the original. This is an analog …

  • A-designs MP-1A

    A-designs MP-1A - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by scarabeo/translated from Audiofanzine FR) All-tube signal processor. No EQ, no compressor. 48V phantom power, phase inverter, four small tone switches, -20dB pad, two polarities. UTILIZATION Very easy to use: you …

Translated user reviews
  • A-designs P-1

    A-designs P-1 - " Top notch"


    Here is a must-have preamp in its lunchbox.C'est a reproduction of the QuadEight series. Very easy to use, with an instrument input on the front or rear XLR your lunchbox, you can connect all your audio devices. 48 volts, inversion pad. Quality is wa…

  • A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail” - " huge ..."


    What are the effects or types of effects available? compressor What technology is used? analog compressor hybrid lamp and transistor Are they edited? Fortunately bin ... What is the connection? XLR Is this a rack or rack MODEL? yes UTILIZAT…

  • A-designs MP-1A

    A-designs MP-1A - " impressive in its simplicity"


    Everything has been said in other reviews, technically. I specify the lamps and circuit 100% handwired California. Her very own faithful on guitars and bass, microphone during use. DI input terrible, silent and intoxicating Transformers Cinemag on …

  • A-designs Reddi

    A-designs Reddi - vegetablepredator's review


    A direct box lamp (6Ni-P), large custom output transformer Input combo jack / XLR, XLR output, output jack to send the signal thru untreated into the input of the amplifier while the output will be treated by the Reddi DAW or PA. Level knob that at…

  • A-designs the Hammer HM2EQ Tube Equalizer

    A-designs the Hammer HM2EQ Tube Equalizer - nemery's review


    EQ 3-band stereo / dual mono Hybrid (Light + Transistors). UTILIZATION Can no longer simple. A button cut / boost + / - 12db assigned to a button notched to select the frequency range from 6 positions. A Low-cut switch, switch, hi-cut and not …

  • A-designs MP-1A

    A-designs MP-1A - Alt7's review


    What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) The MP1A is a mono tube preamp with XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs. The lamps used are 6NI-P and EF86, which are very good qualities as very clear, and with harmonics and a very …