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Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Zildjian K HiHat Pair 14"

    Zildjian K HiHat Pair 14" - "My Favorite HiHats"


    I purchased these hihats back in 2008. I picked up the 14" K Hi-hat pair and immediately fell in love with them. Their sound is perfect for so many different styles of music from pop/rock to blues/jazz to funk or anything. What I like about them is…

  • Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22"

    Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22" - "Great to practice with"


    I had the black version of the Imperialstar but you can also purchase it in Red and Blue. I used it for about 3 months and the reason that I purchase this set was just to have a set of drums at home that I could practice with. The tone of these drums…

  • PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion MX-R

    PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion MX-R - "Quality Mid-level drums"


    The PDP Pacific Mx drum set is an intermediate level kit for the experienced drummer. The maple wood is a huge improvement over entry-level drum sets. The sound quality is significantly better than anything you can buy for under $500. Granted, ther…

  • Ddrum dominion Maple Pocket

    Ddrum dominion Maple Pocket - "Pretty nice kit"


    I like the look and feel of this kit...I'm not a drummer by choice, it's simply out of necessity in the studio...The kit records quite nicely when mic'd properly...The finish is beautiful and all hardware is nice a stable.. The sound is a standard…

  • Basix custom tobacco

    Basix custom tobacco - "could be better"


    The Basix Custom Pearl Export is a good starter set for up and coming drummers. Pearl has always prided them self on putting a quality product with a great sound. Pearl has a great reputation when it comes to music equipment. Unfortunately after play…

  • Ludwig Drums Black Beauty Brass Supra Phonic 14 x 6.5 Snare

    Ludwig Drums Black Beauty Brass Supra Phonic 14 x 6.5 S… - "A classic"


    Brass shell. Black finish (obviously), Chrome hardware and lugs, supra-phonic technology whatever that is. I'm not a snare nerd. I'm a producer. The studio I work in most of the time has about 5 or 6 snares to choose from. Our black beauty is …

  • Pearl Export EX

    Pearl Export EX - 3magic's review


    I just wondered what you people who owns Export EX drum-kits thinks about them.. I'm considerating to buy a Export EX-kit and i need positive or negative feedback so you guys can let me know if the kit is worth the money..…

  • Pearl export

    Pearl export - "Spend your money on a maple set instead, skip this one."


    Pearl doesn’t disappoint so long as you don’t set your sights on perfection. I owned a mid 1980s pearl export series back in the mid 1990’s and it was absolutely fantastic back then. If I was going to use that same set today, I wouldn’t be so amaze…

  • Mapex Brass Master Snare

    Mapex Brass Master Snare - "Nice professional snare, great for studio work but very heavy"


    This is a snare that I was not expecting to like very much at all. I was involved in a studio recording with one of these snares, and I first tried to not use it. I have been let down by Mapex before, but in 2010 I helped my nephew setup a Mapex se…

  • Mapex Voyager 2010

    Mapex Voyager 2010 - "Nice cheap set, for someone on a budget or a young child"


    I was recently shopping for a beginner set for my nephew. He seems like the kind of ten year old that will not give something up easy. That’s important for a drummer, because giving up the drums is a pain, not to mention expensive to purchase and d…