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MGR/L. Haqq 10/06/2001

Taylor 310ce : MGR/L. Haqq's user review

« Taylor 310 CE Acoustic/Electric »

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I got this guitar at Mars Music for around 1200 hundred bucks. At the time I bought it, I did not konw the least bit about what type of guitar to buy. I played tons of guitars in the store, and every time I ended back in the Taylor section. I needed an acoustic/electric, and the only one available that was close to my price range was the 310CE.

I like everything on this guitar. The resonance is great. It has the best action out of any guitar I have played (besides other Taylors). The treble as well as the bass in the guitar sound great; whereas some guitars only sound good in one of those areas, the Taylor sounds great in both. I have not ever had any problems with the pre-amp. The equilizer suits all of my needs.

Hoo boy, I do not think there is a single thing that i could find wrong with my Taylor.

It is a top-quality guitar, and there are no constuction problems that I have encountered yet.

Bottom line, I truly do not see why anybody would want another guitar. Given the opportunity, I suppose I would have liked to have bought a 410CE or 414CE and have gotten the white trim around the neck. Regardless of that, for the lower end of Taylors, a 310CE sure sounds close to something like one of the 800 or 900 series!
Perhaps its largely becuse of the Elixir strings that i have always played with it, but I think that most of the credit to the wonderful sound produced can be given to the guitar

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