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MGR/Jeffy 12/05/2002

Taylor 310ce : MGR/Jeffy's user review

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Bought at London Guitar Shop in London Ontario Canada. I wanted a high class guitar that i would have no quams about...I was sick of cheap acoustics. This guitar automatically stuck out. The tone was sharp and clear.....and i knew it would warm up as it aged. I paid $1849 plus tax.

I love the look of this the experienced eye it is well made. the satin finish is beautiful and the sappele sides are quite stunning for the implied lower quality of the tonewood.
I dont know much about the new Taylor neck setups but i do know that whatever they did is great cuz its not much stiffer than your average electric. The fit is sits in your lap and jsut becomes apart of you.

The 12th fret seems to have a bit of a mar on it...but im not sure it might be glue or something else....and im too afraid to pick at it.....

There are no visible defects except the slight mar on the twelth fret and and little shadyness on the stain of the truss rod adjustment hole cover

This is truly an amazing guitar.....i may have even compained too much up there because i am super picky sometimes-especially with that much money. Great insrument...and im looking forward to listening to how well it ages....the sparkle when i tell a fellow guitarist that i have a taylor and the lifelong companionship of a well crated piece of art.

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