Fostex PM-1
Fostex PM-1

PM-1, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

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MyKeyBass 11/19/2005

Fostex PM-1 : MyKeyBass's user review


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Doc and see what has been said previously.
After listening to different models in this price range is the overall balance that struck me most in relation to other speakers.

Listening conditions being what they are actually in the shops of Paris is my home I could really judge their abilities. No disappointment!


Mixing model of my group.


PC with P4 3GHz, 1GB Corsair PC 4300, 160GB SATA HDD, EMU-1820 sound card.


The low end is present without exaggeration. To work well, I think it is useful to get some volume.

Midrange and treble do not seem disproportionate.

Excellent stereo imaging in my opinion, dynamic quite loyal.


8 months of use.

Shame about the ridiculous volume knob on the back. In the long run, it's a bit annoying.

After listening to the Alesis Monitor One MKII (with the not so distant after all it than PM1), the MSP-5 (it's hollow!), The BM6A (too expensive for me but very good material) , KRK Rokit8 (good but a little expensive for me), TAPCO S8 (it's a real subwoofer that stuff, on paper, it's the ones I wanted. To the ear, with no comparison to PM1 are actually better).

With the same budget, I do it again without hesitation that choice :-)