Genelec 8020A
Genelec 8020A

8020A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

solo84 06/30/2012

Genelec 8020A : solo84's user review

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I found secondhand at 300EUR pair in perfect condition, which is a bargain!

I listen to high-end (Adam S3X) and I wanted an alternative listening a little hi-fi and more representative of a consumer grade! They meet my expectations beyond my expectations!


Actually the sound is already amazing for tapping of this size and this price!

The pros: the dynamics is correct, the mediums are fine, the stereo is fairly accurate

The -: of course the bass is a little invasive and imprecise, and the highs are underrepresented

For their price they are great!


In summary we can say that the sound is rather flattering, warm, round, pleasant, and they adjust to a lot of types of sources. As long as you know them well it seems to me even possible to mix it, but they seem especially interesting in listening alternative control, to take a step back with a hi-fi listening trend!

Radio France used to control prods in the listening booths, it's no coincidence!