Genelec 8020A
Genelec 8020A

8020A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

strobo 06/12/2006

Genelec 8020A : strobo's user review


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I have to change or DCID complter my Yamaha monitors NS10M which I lass with time (10 years of loyal service, but not always adapted to modern technology). Wishing rduire also taken place in my installation, I started looking for small monitors amplifis that I could easily take with me and my laptop.

Fond of sound quality, I did not want the Edirol or M-Audio coutes with me always a little "Scandalis (arf, it's a bit much as a word).

So I Tourn to Dynaudio, KRK and Genelec. I found the Mackie trs good, but overkill for my use. Too bad they do not dclinent A model still smaller than the HR626.

I know that technology Genelec trs is pointed, and the name I was also rassur. This is one motivation for my purchase. I have great memories with Genelec monitors (including 1031A). The quality of manufacture, srieux this mark, zero on the concession.


It is always difficult to judge the neutrality of an enclosure. That does not mean much. For me, there is always a proper coloring a monitor, otherwise they would sound all the same.
We should talk about accuracy. And that the ct the 8020A are just trs. They do not severe the o there is none and they do not say hsitent when high frequencies are ugly. The medium is trs beautiful, even if I admit that NS10M seem difficult to beat on the placement of voice (probably because the highs are slightly prsents trs).

Everything is dtach trsdtaill. We hear everything as if we could hear each track sparemment. Any default jumps ear, like a headphone costs at. In this sense, I find the sound of my AKG K240 headphones. What is true of monitoring.

Forcment then we redcouvre his CDs, but also his mixes (and I'm happy with the plutt rsultat, we must believe that my exprience of NS10M allowed me to make mixes trs phones!).
More srieusement, on some CDs, it's madness. You can hear the slightest breath of occasions, that guitar buzz, beat a little too appuy tails and reverbs are inevitable especially, was quick to rediscover that some discs are really massacrs in sound. That sounded good on NS10M and pregnant "standard / hifi" (goal of hyper compression / legalization) becomes foul on Genelecs.
In these cases, hyper-brilliants/saturs become acute and the sound is a sort of porridge unnamed.
There be no mistake about it.
On the other side albums and many well enregistrs masteriss (or more) are transcribed with a motion dcrire difficult. The album "Dummy" by Portishead is sublime, the latest Perry Blake and Cat Power are trsars, dynamic. Some pieces of Erik Truffaz are bluffing. The latest album from Cassius (known for big sound) is carrment explosive. And Minimum-Maximum (Live) by Kraftwerk concert with dives into the sounds of synths itchy and appear "before" the speaker so they are prsents.

In short, they are comfortable on everything, because they are fair. This is what we ask a professional monitor, and was in much better. Monitors is far from "home studio" ...

And if like me, you had a little afraid it's a bit of a luxury multimedia monitor: YOU ARE WRONG ROAD CARREMENT. Genelec is not in the public, and it is a professional tool we have here, in his stunning for its size. Moreover, just lift them to realize that each unit is really heavy and inspires confidence.

More importantly, we really feel like they come from another plant where the laws of physics have t regrowth. The bass is amazing, the picture is a stereo trs very precise and they send you push ds srieusement volume.

You really have to listen to discover the unthinkable.

Now what to consider:
- It takes a trs good investment, but it's true for any monitor. If this is to put them on top of a TAGRE, see M-Audio.

- They 20W 20 W. This is ample for a medium sized pice kind 30m2 (thus 90% of time sufficient home studio), is costing the vicinity. If we put 2m of the position of costing in a large room, it can be envisaged should spend on a bigger MODEL ... This is done to a.

- The bass is bluffing. At home I have to blow-4dB because I had too many, even 50cm from the wall. I still have the margin. But if we loigne, same thing as above.
And it is empty we will not search the sub-bass with. For a, it must (a) of sub box quality. So to drum and bass / dub / reggae, it will be usable, but the work will forcment bass limit. I have a sub "hifi" (Infinity) and good quality that blends well with the Genelecs. But it's just for the contrler purrs that drag on ...

- No on / off button. It has me a little inflated because they should be cut with the volume knob when I make a decision (my monitor path does not diffrencier headphone + control-room).
Nothing dramatic, except that the volume knob is not Crant and must visually adjust each time. Not terrible, but it's really looking for the small bte.

- The connections are in XLR symtriques, but supports asymmetrical. I have to redo cables (jack / XLR female), otherwise you have to buy, which extends the 30 euro bill in general.

- To listen to music, they are trs (too) analytical. For those who know something about the high-end audiophiles Facilities (without lapsing into sotrisme and exagration), we are in the same register but, if the speakers hifi "upscale" often for rle to make music more beautiful and costing Faithful to but less analytical (ie color), the genelecs transcribe music as it is, which does not exclude the motion . It makes them ruthless on some discs and this is what we want. Whether we did a good job!


I have had them for one week, making just yet. Despite everything, I termin 2 mixes with, and I took a slap on the rendering ... I still have 2-3 things fit, but it is empty we contrle things much better and comparison NS10M (branch always) / Genelec's scary, even if the NS10M remain a very s good tmoin the real world.

I have been slow dcider me, and thank you also GuillaumeF (below) for their advice and GregMako. It's really a good purchase and pes rflchi I'm not ready to regret.
While sr, there's more. It is always better, but I think we should do based on its installation and the need rel. This is what is the hardest to identify because we believe in always wanting more for his money, and therefore always wanting bigger which is not exactly nothing. For the home studio, this is the class. With a good headset complment to get low and try, hard to go wrong.

This last point APRS LONG notice: before purchasing this type of enclosure, it must be his own opinion, forget the name and on-themselves. This is not because it's Genelec it is unquestionably good. It will be nice if you have please.
Therefore, I would not recommend a beginner o really someone who does not bcp of exprience in the sound, so that would not even "ear". In gnral when we start, we plutt sensitive to sound flattering.

Otherwise, an excellent choice at least listen to the sound.