Genelec 8020A
Genelec 8020A

8020A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

paradies 11/30/2014

Genelec 8020A : paradies's user review

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These small speakers are found in many of its audiovisual mounting boards, music for picture. This is clearly above the range of small or MSP5 Yamaha HS5 that also crosses time timeframe for the rules mowed.
mine just radio France.
I wanted to have the same listening than I had sound design studio used (although in other rooms we had in 1030)
It was necessary that the budget does not exceed that amount too.
good 4 "and 2x20watts is very good for the assembly, Logging, clean voice, film music mixer etc ... for the compo is not very rock n roll ... they lack a little low for that. For dj ç'est clearly insufficient.

But for small compact speakers are the only with Adam A3X and Focal CMS40 me seemed to have enough. I preferred the focal Genelec, very precise working tools but a little tiring and unpleasant.
- I would say that Adam and KRK are better for musicians: an unflattering beautiful sound in the pleasant basn to compose and submix /
- The Genelec are in between my ears
- Most accurate focals to mix, but not very pleasant to deal ...


Optimal working comfort, the mids and highs are not too garish and they do not tire the ear like yamaha (it's not the same range either)
It should not be too push anyway.
A priori, sound mixers ingestion reproach them too low (sic)
musicians and producers and even more are already on the contrary they do not déscenendent enough ...
I recall that there are 4 small switch precisely to reduce the bass.
Because for a mix will require a more faithful listening to bottom, then cut or sub 50hz ...
I think they are a good compromise; but it is true that for some they lack bass, and for others they flatter them can be a bit ...


I use them for 3 years at home.
Before I used in 1029 and 1030, the Yamaha NS10M, and MSP5 HS5, the ditton Celestion (stereo model)
I would have them added a subwoofer if one of the two had not lach me. EN seeking possible causes on the net I found that this was not an isolated case, and I think it happens a little too often for the material that price.

Therefore it is likely that I would turn me into Genelec.
It is likely that I move into the CMS40 focal or adam, that have good reputations for music We'll see how it behaves sav ...

I do not pass this incident on my bill but it seems to me that this power supply outage too frequent deserves to be mentioned (I have never encountered failures of this type on any of my other machines even sure my first console behringer MX16 qi is still a tank ...)

In conclusion, the speaker range is the vital minimum to begin working with comfort.
Some electro musicians fond of KRK Rokit, that flatter a little down, it's probably nice to compose, but I think these genelecs and focals remain tools of a higher level, a pity that the reliability is not best for the 8020 ...