Genelec 8020A
Genelec 8020A

8020A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

GuillaumeF 12/10/2005

Genelec 8020A : GuillaumeF's user review


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Size for use close monitoring trs. The weight is pretty lev - a sign of good electronic? It does not fit in a pocket!


Low doient Reduces be impractical to -2 dB for close monitoring application or they are too Submitted. After that, it sounds right and clean, not aggressive. Be careful not to put too much even if you feel that strong ca saturates a little missing a little power while having the same (20 20 W).


I use it for several weeks. I like its size, its brand (yes), the quality of manufacture, neutrality and sound quality. I may be too low unless Submitted on SETTING THE Crant non facial volume (left right balance difficult) and the fact that also the output XLR gre!
It is not given but it is not the B ******* R either.
I do it again this election, unless I turned to the small PSI Audio, but I did not like the color.