Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer
Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer

MX-10 10 Channel Mixer, Analog Mixer from Boss.

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Oliviercool 08/01/2006

Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer : Oliviercool's user review


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This is a small 10-channel mixer line (impossible to mix with microphones) that the first 8 are four stereo pairs with a starting and a stereo bus effects, all within a 1 / 2 rack width (rare !!!). All connectors are 6.3 jack but I can not remember if they are balanced TRS (I doubt) or TS asymmetric (more likely) it has been for ages that I sold. And it is obvious that in a small space, it is impossible to reach égualiseurs or effects processor. In my opinion, it is perfect for premixes synths.


Use ultra-simple, no need for instructions: one branch and we mix it all ^ ^ And even ultra-convenient to carry :-)))) And it can be rack: two units is in a single U height is only an option with fasteners, it's great!

If I can reprocurer me two, premixes for two pairs of inputs on my Korg D16, a 16-track (which has only 8 analog inputs) just as compact ^ ^ I would use mainly live or at the customer where space is very cramped.

Imagine I could take the Korg D16 + 2 Boss MX-10 + a Boss SE-70 (or SE-50 or VF-1) + cables + headphones, and all in the same suitcase to boot then ^ ^ as equivalent with the Akai DPS16 + 2 + Roland M-120 M-1 TC Elecreonic One + headset + cable, it will take two suitcases see 3, no comment ^ ^


Was a slight bit of breath, if I remember correctly.


Absolutely no competition in its Cathegory, at least to my knowledge :-))) And besides, it is no longer manufactured for a long time, which is a shame because, with two units in the same rack, this gives 2 x 10 channel = 18 to 20 channels (depending if they are connected in parallel or series) in a single U height: never seen! The closest competitor is the Roland M-120 (12 mono channels with two pairs of effects returns = 16 channels!) Or Behringer RX1602, 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) in a single device 19 '1U.

Now that I try to reprocurer mixers 1U rack max, I almost regret having sold. And it's hard to put the hand over time, and more. Well, for my Akai DPS16, Roland two go very well but for my Korg D16, a compact 16 tracks, I would just as two line mixers compact ^ ^