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Analog Modeling Synths news

  • [NAMM] M-Audio Venom Video Demo
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] M-Audio Venom Video Demo

    01/14/11 in M-Audio Venom

    New M-Audio Venom video on AudioFanzine

  • [NAMM] Avid M-Audio Venom

    [NAMM] Avid M-Audio Venom

    01/13/11 in M-Audio Venom

    The M-Audio Venom synthesizer delivers its take on the emulation of classic analog synthesis—combining the sound and character of vintage keyboards with the control and workflow advantages of modern digital processing.

  • [NAMM] Novation UltraNova Giveaway

    [NAMM] Novation UltraNova Giveaway

    01/12/11 in Novation UltraNova

    ProAudioStar is demoing the new Novation Ultranova synthesizer.

  • [NAMM] Virus TI WhiteOut Limited Edition

    [NAMM] Virus TI WhiteOut Limited Edition

    01/10/11 in Access Music Virus TI Keyboard

    The Virus TI Polar is the last part of the Virus TI WhiteOut special edition.

  • [NAMM] M-Audio Venom Synth Leaked
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] M-Audio Venom Synth Leaked

    01/05/11 in M-Audio Venom

    The new analog synthesizer is to be unveiled at NAMM 2011 on January 13.

  • Origin firmware Update 1.3 Available December 1st

    Origin firmware Update 1.3 Available December 1st

    11/20/10 in Arturia Origin Keyboard

    The Origin 1.3 firmware embeds the new Jupiter 8 template which recreates the voice architecture and design of this analog synthesizer.

  • Arturia Origin Keyboard

    Arturia Origin Keyboard

    10/23/10 in Arturia Origin Keyboard

    Arturia has announced that Origin Keyboard is now shipping.

  • Roland SH-01 "Gaia" Review

    Roland SH-01 "Gaia" Review

    09/19/10 in Roland GAIA SH-01

    The SH-01 is Roland's answer to the analog modeling synths market where low budget and ergonomics are not compatible. Let's see what tradeoffs were made to combine ease of use and a competitive price.

  • Novation UltraNova

    Novation UltraNova

    09/13/10 in Novation UltraNova

    UltraNova is an analogue-modelling synthesizer designed "for everyone: from first-time synth purchasers to keyboard addicts."

  • Akai Miniak Review

    Akai Miniak Review

    07/23/10 in Akai Miniak

    After having repositioned Alesis on the market, Numark seems to have entrusted Akai with the fate of the synth/drum machine product range. The Miniak is the first Akai synth "in the modern era".