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opaze 03/07/2005

Yamaha AN1X : opaze's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
MODELLING analog synth, 10-voice polyphony, aftertouch, ribbon controller etc etc ...
8 knobs in real time with a simple color coding function is directly controls 32 editable.
I refer to the description everywhere.
A vocoder and it was almost perfect! This machine is relatively undervalued, probably because it shares the same chassis with ugly plastic Mutant (advantage in transportation) that cs1x/2x yet the sound engine is a bomb ...


Once the principle of the matrix obtained, the simplicity AN1X is daunting to use. The editable arpeggiator, step by step through the encoder is a wonder (not 16 or 32 going not the computer) and has 4 sources of registered modules in short we are not ready to go around ... The manual is for both Yamaha and understandable tutorials are even there to understand how sound is created (ideal for addressing analog synthesis).
The ribbon-controller allows for variations nice, short, everything is moving. The keyboard is correct and the knobs are in shock.


Good factory presets are eating and drinking ...
But as soon as it comes against it, it's Galactic. The morphing between two sounds is very friendly, and filters, while not flawless, which have a grain aliasing, I think, gives it personality bcp (though maybe not!). It is surprisingly versatile for a "fake analog", at ease in all registers if only one takes the trouble of digging in and spending some sleepless nights. It can sound very thin or very powerful but always subtle and never greasy, much more comfortable on the pads as bass lines. His unison mode allows to stack 5 sounds and halves the polyphony but god it's good ... more than ten times the publisher's PC have fantastic possibilities but on condition to spend some time (well it is also the principle is not it?). The block effect is largely filled, good delay, distortion by feeble against. It is capable of emulating a lot of old synths and retro routing possibilities have quite unprecedented.


I bought for a song 3 years ago (his side does not reflect its enormous capabilities). It surprises me every day and yet I have a Nord Lead 2 which although is certainly more powerful and licked at the filters for my taste has less creative (I'll be lynched there) and is less versatile . Its only flaw is its chassis and fragile and frankly means a minimal connection (a single pair of output). In this range of product, it is in my opinion much more than a Korg MS2000 Roland JP8000 or being very accessible. In short probably the best value by far in this category.