Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

Mopho Keyboard, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $879 VAT
paradies 12/09/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard : paradies's user review

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Value For Money : Poor
Keyboard 2 octaves and a half feel.
Stereo output, audio input, midi in and out / thru, polychain to chain a tetra or a prophet 8.
Utility pc / mac is not stable enough, no effect, monophonic.

Full of buttons, large modulation possibilities.
3 banks of 128 sounds.

Width it is about the same as a battery rack 1u, with beautiful wooden blanks.


The configuration is very simple: it is necessary to know the subtractive synthesis to benefit the most from the machine, but almost everything is accessible via a modified via encode destination switch (eg serie 5 AADSR encoders, which are used to adjust one: the filter housing, 2 the amplitude envelope, 3 ... An envelope assignable

The manual is small but adequate for my taste.


J loves the character of the Mopho ... despite the curtis filter, which I do not like the moog but brings something else.

curious detail, the presets are not in the same order as on the desktop version, which is not practical for usper polychain ...


I used for a month. For now my only disappointment is the use of fashion polychain for me unusable. Indeed a score of 2 is sent to the module 1 and a score of 2 in Module 2, even if a note is held, which has the effect of a mute can be fundamental ... is there a setting has do, but I have not found the time rto and frankly, I find this completely absurd way in the state.

+ Construction metal frame, wood side.
Its analog + staff
+ Plenty of buttons to edit the front
+ Value extraordinary price
+ Opportunities modulations

- Editor buggy
- Protects lcd very end and not at the rest of the bike (incompréhensible. .. it looks like scotch ...)
- Mode polychain absurd.
- Filter bleed (see other review)

I would still prefer the little phatty, but Mopho costing almost twice cheaper, and is not so good. it is just different, possibly even more advanced! The Mopho is to consider very seriously, even compared to a vintage overpriced and full of faults.

It deserves the nickname well PRO2 (As shown on the motherboard, filliation its ancestor the Pro one)