Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

Mopho Keyboard, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

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Kori G 08/30/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard : Kori G's user review

«  DSI big sound »

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Mono Bi-timbral synth
Sensitive keyboard
Publisher pc etc ...
Very strong and I still practice a lot of trouble with the DSI system and I think it is not very intuitive, I mean, then it takes some time to master the bignou and that's why that I sold!
But with the desktop version prophet08.Pe poly-chain, this is a powerhouse with a real big sound really great to live as solid, compact and relatively lightweight analog.


Probably easy to use after a long learning functions and a thorough study of the manual (in English only).
Some functions are only available with the editor and it's unfortunate for those who do not use a computer to make sound. (And yes, it still exists ....)


My opinion is mixed on this point but the tastes and colors ....
I just think the morpho tends to very, too, quickly saturate the aggressive sounds and lose definition in the attack.
On the softer sounds nothing to say.
The touch-sensitive keypad and a little light and I struggled to play with precision velocity, but I'm not keyboardist so this is a personal impression.


I bought it for me to use poly-chain with prophet08.PE desktop, making nine in all ways. I just sold it two for one reason, I do not have the patience to learn to master. They are very good machines with a real big analog sound and it's a nickel for the live configuration and operation via a DAW or other live kind.
The machine Dave Smith have bright future.