Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

Mopho Keyboard, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

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AlexandreC 12/27/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard : AlexandreC's user review

«  Small but powerful! »

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Monophonic analog synthesizer
Keyboard 32 keys velocity sensitive and the pressure (aftertouch)
Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 5-octave
DIN MIDI compatible (in, out, thru) and USB (out), CV (in) assignable
Auxiliary input for processing an audio signal pre-existing

COD 2 each with a sub, hard sync and a kind of X-mod with the filter. 3formes wave PWM + fixed each
1 white noise generator
1 Curtis low-pass filter 2/4pôles
3 envelope generators DADSR: 1 for VCA, one for the filter, and assignable.
4 syncable LFOs separately on the keyboard and / or the clock.
1 4-track sequencer 16 steps
1 arpeggiator


Operation is completely intuitive for someone who is familiar with subtractive synthesis. The modulation possibilities are absolutely huge.
The manual is in English only, but the console is very intuitive: the pots are arranged by module, like the semi-modular systems.


The keyboard is very expressive. Its level, bravely confronts the beast synths much more expensive: I compared with a little phatty and I prefer the Mopho would do for modulation possibilities. The machine is capable of producing both big bass punchy well as soft leads.
Among the enormous modulation possibilities I particularly like the three envelope generators DADSR, 4 LFOs and the ability to redirect a control voltage to multiple destinations.
PS: Yes, there is a "filter bleed" but I do not understand why this is annoying


This is a monophonic instrument. I therefore recommend as first keyboard. In contrast to supplement an existing installation, you can go for it: you've got a very expressive instrument and well crafted (metal chassis, sides varnished wood, impeccable quality acoustic).

For the price of a consumer device, you've got a beautiful musical instrument.