Korg PolySix
Korg PolySix

PolySix, Analog Synth from Korg.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Korg PolySix : FP User's user review


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The Features on this synth a interesting as some of the more regular features are missing from this synth for example there is only one envelope for VCA and VCF and there is no portamento control. However there is an areggiator, 3 built in fx (chorus, phaser & ensemble) and most importantly...presents! 4 banks of 8 patches. This synth does not come with midi as standard.


Cant really fault the interface - its a standard vintage analoge affair with a labelled button or dial for every control. Creating sounds is also pretty easy as there arent too many controls to get to grips with and the sound is so classy anyway that it doesnt take long to find someting that sounds nice. The lack of a 2nd envelope does limit the amount of sounds that you can make however.


Lush is probably the only world to describe the sound of the p6! It is deffinately the most underated vintage polysynth of all, mostly as it was oringally a budget synth when released. However people overlooked the SSM filters (the same as found in the Prophet 5) and the top quality fx unit. The Unison mode also perfoms fantasically as the analoge OSC's still drift a teenie weenie bit. For pads, leads and chords the p6 just rocks! Some audio demos are here: http://www.synthmania.com/Audio%20Files/Synthesizers/Korg/PolySix/Tweaks/Filtered%20Mega-Pad.mp3 http://www.synthmania.com/Audio%20Files/Synthesizers/Korg/PolySix/Factory%20Presets%20Bank%20B/B-1%20%20Electric%20Piano.mp3


My polysix has been fully restored and fitted with a new wooden case so i cant really comment on how well the outside lasts. However they have a well known issue with the internal battery which will leak! this frys the board completely and will render the synth useless. Its essential that this is changed and luckily most of the p6's that i have seen on the market have had it changed but beware the ebay bargain!

I cant help but love it, its got the moody expressive feel that all analoge synths should have and many expensive digital synths lack, its a great budget alternative to the other vintage polysynths like the Jupiter 8 or Prophet 5 which cost upto 3x more! There is a softsynth version, and its very good, it sounds very much like the real thing, but lacks the sparkle and depth of the original.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Dakuan (January 1-, 2005)