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  • Art Tube MP Studio

    Art Tube MP Studio - jeangusyoung's review


    * Which technology is used? (analog, digital, tube, ...) - Tube (12AX7) of very poor quality, surely * Which effects or effect types are available? - No effects * What connection options does it provide? - One jack and one XLR input - The s…

  • Art Levelar Tube Compressor

    Art Levelar Tube Compressor - "Art Tube Compressor is an effective, but limited limiter (pardon the pun!)"


    While this is the Levelar tube compressor, it actually functions more as a limiter. That is, it sets a limit, or ceiling, on the dynamics of the audio, as opposed to altering the entire spectrum of dynamics. There are 1/4" as well as XLR inputs and o…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - moosers's review


    The Art Tube MP is a simple, one channel tube based microphone preamp. Art offers up mostly affordable tube based gear that is aimed at home studio owners looking to warm up their sound a bit outside of the box. The mic pre has both 1/4" and XLR co…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - "ART Tube MP Preamp"


    I have the original and most basic model ART Tube MP. It is black with no VU meter. I have been recording music for many years but I am not a professional. In recent years I have taken great interest in tube related amplifiers and equipment and e…

  • Art Pro VLA

    Art Pro VLA - moosers's review


    The ART Pro VLA (vactrol leveling amplifier) is a dual channel vactrol-tube based compressor/limiter. It's got both XLR and 1/4" TRS connections for inputs and outputs and is made up of analog parts. It is a rack mountable piece of gear and will ta…

  • Art Voice Channel

    Art Voice Channel - moosers's review


    The Art Voice Channel is an all-in-one channel strip and interface, with a built in microphone preamp, equalizer, and preamplifier. In terms of connections, it has an XLR/1/4" input on the front, as well as both 1/4" and XLR connections in the back.…

  • Art MPA Gold

    Art MPA Gold - songboy's review


    This is an analog, tube based preamp.   There are a pair of 1/4" input/outputs and a pair of XLR input/outputs. The are no traditional effects.  I guess you can say that the Phase correction is an effect.  This comes in handy when setting up your mic…

  • Art Tube MP Project

    Art Tube MP Project - moosers's review


    The Art Tube MP Project is a single channel tube based preamplifier.  It is an analog unit that has XLR connections and is powered by the power supply that comes with it.  It isn't in rack form and stands on its own in a box a little less than half t…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by barbilux/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Most people use it with guitar but I personally use it with a condenser mic for vocals and my DAW. T-Bone MB78 Beta. Housing and components seem to be rugged (connections, sw…

  • Art Tube MP Studio V3

    Art Tube MP Studio V3 - sat4n's review


    This is what you might call the hot-rodded version of ART's famed, low-priced tube preamps. The hot-rodding here has to do with variable voicings, which means that you can change the way the tube affects the signal. I'm not sure exactly how they do t…