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  • Art Quadra/FX

    Art Quadra/FX - choquette's review


    classical effects reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, UTILIZATION The main shortcoming: the total lack of volume control, either as input, output. ... Another negative: wiring must be changed depending on the allocation method cho…

  • Art P16

    Art P16 - " The top!"


    I use it for 6 months, this is my first XLR patch. Quality is to go and the construction is very solid, the finish is really good! XLR patch in there is very little pattern, I hesitated a bit to buy it because I did not know the brand, so I rea…

  • Art HeadAmp 6pro

    Art HeadAmp 6pro - " It would take me exactly the same thing but half-rack :-)"


    It is a 6-channel headphone amplifier 1U rackmount. On each channel, you can connect two headsets: 1 front and 1 rear panel. Key features: - With a 6.3 mm stereo jack additional input on the front panel to inject unexpected sound source. In this…

  • Art SC2

    Art SC2 - " SC2 ART"


    Compressor limiter noise gate UTILIZATION very easy to use, simple connection, the manual just be useful for using different knobs SOUND QUALITY accurate and efficient compressor limiter also attention will be chosen either limiter or com…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - " Reliable and easy to use"


    What technology is used? lamp What are the effects or types of effects available? significantly reduces the micro amp feedback What is the connection? Jack 6.5 and XLR (In / Out) Is this a rack or rack MODEL? not mount model UTILIZATION The…

  • Art T8

    Art T8 - " Attention! this is not a DI!"


    analog, a rack U UTILIZATION everything is simple SOUND QUALITY yes OVERALL OPINION Product is top, if you want to isolate the signal, but it is not 8 DI! It works as splitters ... Contrary to what is written! I do not understand such a c…

  • Art Pro MPA II RS

    Art Pro MPA II RS - Furykane's review


    Limited PRO MPA II with 7025 lamps (paired) instead of 12AX7 and Vu meters backlit blue edition. Two channel preamp Class -129 DBu EIN. Dynamic Range> 110 dB. Maximum output + 27dBU. Variable impedance Low cut filter adjustable 70dB gain Dou…

  • Art X-15 UltraFoot

    Art X-15 UltraFoot - " quality / exceptional price!"


    I use it for less than 1 year and a half. What I especially pushed to buy this are the different opinions than positive on the web and the fact that a lot of bass player that I like have used it. What is surprising is the value for money .... down…

  • Art Pro MPA II

    Art Pro MPA II - " excellent"


    2 LAMPS 2 units in 19-inch rack UTILIZATION clear manual SOUND QUALITY very very good preamp I redo pass in my MOX6 synth suddenly finds himself with bcp sounds better defined OVERALL OPINION for 2 years very good amp for the price …

  • Art Tube MP Studio V3

    Art Tube MP Studio V3 - " One of the best preamps cheap."


    Preamp format "DI", a lamp Chinese 12AX7 format different voicings controlled by a rotary switch, an input output (XLR or jack size for each of them), an input, an output, phantom power, a push-off phase, a 20db boost and roll youth! On paper it does…