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  • Art Tube MP Studio

    Art Tube MP Studio - _duc_'s review


    Everything has been said already USE Über-easy to use You get good sounds right away SOUND QUALITY At first, I bought it to amplify a dynamic mic. The result is excellent! With a very nice coloration, nicer and warmer than that of my Ya…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - RickD's review


    -What Technology? (analog, digital, tube...) Analogue, tube. - What available effects, or type of effects, are there? No effects, just a preamp. - What connection types are there? Jack & XLR, in & out. - Is it rackable, or in rack form? Not rackab…

  • Art Tube MP Studio

    Art Tube MP Studio - Heavyspender's review


    This is a tube microphone preamp. It comes with a 12ax7 tube. Because it has tube technology, I bought this to add some warmth to my live rig. It has 1/4 inch inputs and output as well as a balanced XLR input and output. This means you pretty muc…

  • Art Tube MP Studio

    Art Tube MP Studio - killer2k2's review


    Analog tube technology, jack and XLR connectors, not rack-mountable. USE It's child's play to use, the manual is almost useless SOUND QUALITY It improves sound, that's undeniable, and it doesn't produce any noise. The preamps are much bet…

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - "ART Tube MP"


    I had just bought a condenser mic that required phantom power, but i was unaware that I didn't have anything that would supply it. I went to long and mcquade and bought it for $80 canadian. Because I've been sold on the superior sound of tubes, i bou…

  • Art TPS

    Art TPS - "ART TPS"


    I was looking for a relatively inexpensive tube preamp, and found this one for $250 CAD at my local music store. I love the v3 feature - variable valve voicing - because it makes it easy to get set up fast. The unit lets you select what you are reco…

  • Art SGX Night Bass

    Art SGX Night Bass - "ART Nightbass Express"


    My band currently owns 2 SGX NIGHTBASS processors. The first one was purchased out of Musicans Friend somewhere in 1996 and the second unit was bought in 2001 off of Ebay. The first unit was about $600 and the second unit was around $200. The un…

  • Art Pro VLA

    Art Pro VLA - "ART Pro VLA"


    I purchased my first Pro VLA used from a local shop a couple of years ago for around 400 bucks. Easy to get desired results. Auto attack and release times sound great on drums.This unit doesn't sound muddy when driven like alot of others I've used.E…

  • Art Rulesbreaker DST-835

    Art Rulesbreaker DST-835 - "A.R.T. Rulesbreaker 835"


    Purchased used from a profession musician and friend. 500.00 with midi pedal and road case. 5 gain stage preamp, covers most of the tones I use. Uses an AX 7 tube in the preamp. Great volume, 65 watt stereo out of 2 twelve inch speakers. All on…

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