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Thread September 19, 2015 editorial: comments

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1 September 19, 2015 editorial: comments

Confessions of a Pro Tools Addict

Psst. C’mere. I gotta tell you something. I don’t want to talk too loud. 

It’s about Pro Tools 12. I was pissed when Avid announced that you’d have to either get a subscription or pay an annual update fee in order to upgrade to it. So I swore I wouldn’t go for it. I swore! I decided to quit Pro Tools cold turkey, and I tried. I really tried [sniff]. I tested out a bunch of alternatives: Logic Pro X, DP 9, Studio One 3, even Harrison Mixbus 3, for gosh sake! I liked them all, but, it just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t function as well in my studio without Pro Tools [sniff].

So I did it, I took the plunge for Pro Tools 12. Even though there’s virtually nothing new in it [sob], I spent the money anyway! Excuse me, do you have a tissue?

The thing is, I missed Pro Tools. I missed the Clip Gain Line, even those darned double pan pots [sniff]. I thought I’d have the willpower to switch, and stay off of Pro Tools forever. But I just couldn’t do it. I’m weak, I know, but I want my Slip Mode and my TCE Trim Tool. You would too if you were in my shoes — you would! Yeah, I suppose I could have stuck with version 11, but I hate to feel like I’m behind the times.

Had it still cost $199 to upgrade, like when Avid started this confusing upgrade thing that they keep changing, I probably could have held out longer. But $99 for a shiny new version of Pro Tools — I mean, you try resisting that! Okay, yes, I’ll have to pay $99 again next year to keep up with the latest features, but maybe by then there will actually be some new features. Wouldn’t that be great?

I’m a mess, what can I tell you? Excuse me while I go stare at the Clip List for a while. Thanks for listening [sniff].

I fully understand. I have tried everything under the sun over the last 3 years, but nothing compares to PT. I am staying at 11.3.1 for now, but I've gone through all the DAWS you mentioned and there's always something missing that I can't duplicate as easily as in PT.
My name is Mark, and I'm a Pro Tools addict.
Thank you for coming forward. Admitting your problem is the first step towards upgrading. :-D
Psst, Reaper. Even went through Pro tools certification years back thinking it would be my forever goto DAW. After 7 different ones I settled on Reaper. One serious learning curve yes but, if there isn't a feature that I need and it doesn't have, which in itself is hard to find then, I just make one. And I'm just a drummer. No programming guru over here. Never will I pay for a subscription to a program. Including Adobe or MS Office trash.. And if I find myself desiring the PT eye candy look, I just load one of many free themes that are PT identical and I quickly satisfy my short lived desire.
What about Reaper Pyramix, or Nuendo/Cubase ?

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I just load one of many free themes that are PT identical and I quickly satisfy my short lived desire.

I'd be curious to see what that looks like. Can you post a screenshot? Thanks.
What about Reaper Pyramix, or Nuendo/Cubase ?

Those are all strong programs. However, for me personally, for my work style, I have realized that I prefer Pro Tools, and am also very used to it.
I feel your pain, Mike. I think we've all done very similar things, at some point or other, when agonizing over whether we should fork out our hard-fought dough over a so-called "upgrade". Trying to keep one's work flowing without our favorite DAW can be a bit like driving your brother's 'inferior' car. Sure, it'll take you from point A to B, but the experience is never quite the same, eh?

Personally, I do not like being tied down to one DAW. Because, like yourself, you can become dependent on one particular DAW. I've painstakingly compelled myself to work with many different DAWS over the years. Yeah, it's tough, but thus far, it's worked for me doing things that way. However, I do 'prefer' REAPER these days for Lots of different reasons, but certainly NOT exclusively.

All that being said, "upgrading" one's software or hardware is simply a fact of life. Like it or not, evolving technology requires spending money. Just the world in which we function.
You could make it easy on yourself and just switch to Sonar Platinum and never worry again.