Roland GR-55S
Roland GR-55S

GR-55S, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

Saturafon 04/23/2011

Roland GR-55S : Saturafon's user review


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Guitar synthesizer software as covered by the program to download on the net if not taken to head his own patches


I've tried again and a few patches there is one thing that I've been able to verify the tracking of 55 grams and more stable with a guitar with the GK3 I've plugged into my godin LGXT noon the sounds on the bass strings decroche often when you put on 3cordes bass guitar sound cfm low finger style bass ca decroche often cons if you put a bass sound to model that works well


The internal sounds are good no more I have a branch on a 33 gr roland sonic cell for the sounds are not beautiful picture c is for tracking can feel no difference with the 55 gr guitar sounds modeled it works very well the guitars sound good also the electric but I find the sound of something unnatural saturation say the sound is a bit flat I have a VOX ToneLab ca nothing to do


AC ED 25 years longer than I play the guitar synthesizer J had all the guitar synthesizers gr 55 marks for the price is a good investment for some time that we pass over the instruction manual is not bad but some functions are not well explained