Audio Plug-ins reviews

  • UAD API Vision Review

    UAD API Vision Review - A Look into the Vision


    Since its inception, the plug-in family for Universal Audio UAD cards has been devoted to the reproduction of analog units. And that's how UA has come to being associated with the biggest names in the audio industry: EMT, Neve, SSL, Lexicon, etc.

  • Klanghelm SDRR Review

    Klanghelm SDRR Review - Karma Saturation


    SKnote, Valhalla DSP, Sonimus… Over the last years, the plug-in world has seen the birth of many "small" independent developers who offer some damn good products.

  • iZotope RX 3 Review

    iZotope RX 3 Review - Threesome


    After adding the RX to its software catalog in 2007, iZotope has made a name for itself in the audio restoration world. The second version came out in 2010 and really drove it home making the software a reference in this domain.

  • U-He Satin Review

    U-He Satin Review - Night in White Satin


    Ever since the advent of computer music, many plug-ins have promised us "a true analog sound." This marketing gimmick has been so widely and mischievously used that it has become tiresome... However, when the creator of the sublime virtual synth Diva addresses the issue, our curiosity is inevitably aroused!

  • Zynaptiq Unfilter Review

    Zynaptiq Unfilter Review - Unfiltered


    As its name implies, the purpose of Unfilter, the new product of Zynaptiq, is to eliminate all filter effects applied to an audio file. How and does it really succeed?

  • Universal Audio LA-2A Classic Leveler vs Cakewalk CA-2A T-Type

    Universal Audio LA-2A Classic Leveler vs Cakewalk CA-2A… - The Next Generation


    During the last Winter NAMM, Cakewalk introduced the CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier, a new compression plug-in based on the renowned Teletronix LA-2A. For their part, Universal Audio, who had previously modeled it in 2001, also introduced the LA-2A Classic Leveler Plug-in Collection (with three modellings of the beast) at the same event. Can you …

  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 5 Review

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 5 Review - Guitar Rig to the Power of 5


    Within a few years, Guitar Rig has become a reference in the world of guitar amps and effects simulation. The fourth version, which saw the light of day about two years ago, already brought major sound quality improvements with itself thanks to the new –however limited— Control Room feature... Can the German manufacturer surprise us with this fift…

  • Native Instruments Transient Master Review

    Native Instruments Transient Master Review - Transients Without Sorrows


    The Studio Effects Series by Native Instruments just got expanded with the Transient Master plug-in, which ought to be faithful to its inspiration made by SPL — the perfect occasion to try it out (in its software version).

  • IK Multimedia T-RackS Black 76 & T-RackS White 2A and Native Instruments VC 76 & VC 2A Review

    IK Multimedia T-RackS Black 76 & T-RackS White 2A and N… - From 1176 to LA2A


    The (almost) simultaneous launch of the 1176 and LA2A software versions by IK Multimedia and Native Instruments is a good opportunity to make a quick comparison. Let’s go!

  • Native Instruments The Mouth Mini-Review

    Native Instruments The Mouth Mini-Review - Word of Mouth Plug-in


    The Mouth, second effect created by Tim Exile after The Finger, allows you to process any input signal in a creative way, even though it shows some preference for vocals. Is it a vocoder? More? Or less?