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Comments about the feature article: A New Level of Control[Sound Radix Drum Leveler]0Mike Levine60801/28/2015 16:10
by Mike Levine
Favorite guitar rigs on amplitube (or other amp sims)[IK Multimedia Amplitube 3]1felixis111301/13/2015 14:48
by Mike Levine
Comments about the review: REmatrix: The Chosen One?[Overloud REmatrix]0sleepless90712/19/2014 08:18
by sleepless
Great "character" plug-ins i.e. compressor to color your sound?[Audio Plug-ins]3peaceinchaos63712/17/2014 06:40
by pluginpusher
[Feature Article] EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums[Metric Halo CHANNEL STRIP complete]2Cliff Goldmacher337412/12/2014 07:38
by instantgrits
[Getting started] The Match Game[Software EQs]2Mike Levine106612/12/2014 06:04
by Mike Levine
[Getting started] The Top Convolution Reverbs[Software Reverbs]3Red Led166312/10/2014 05:12
by Mike Levine
Comments about the review: Peavey ReValver 4 Review[Peavey ReValver 4]0Mike Levine68812/01/2014 15:50
by Mike Levine
question on how to best use Slate VCC[Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection]2eleanorbigsby78511/26/2014 12:16
by Mike Levine
"favorite plugin" list with a twist[Audio Plug-ins]5onetakewonder83511/24/2014 07:08
by delayed
Is this all I need for a good mix?[Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack]7delayed121911/20/2014 03:59
by DJWicked
VMR is finally released![Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack]0grimeygrunge48611/18/2014 07:16
by grimeygrunge
Reverb from Katy Perry - Roar?[Software Reverbs]2trickymix81811/14/2014 01:52
by j.jones78
I wanna learn how to correctly EQ[Software EQs]5fenderbender88127311/11/2014 07:46
by CaliMoose
Pinned threadUseful tips on EQ[Software EQs]0CaliMoose210211/11/2014 07:44
by CaliMoose
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