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[REVIEW] Guitar Rig 4 Bends Over Backwards 4 U[Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro]0Red Led189802/23/2010 21:42
by Red Led
[TEST] Melodyne Blew Me Away[Celemony Melodyne Editor]0Los Teignos148112/15/2009 21:49
by Los Teignos
[TEST] Waves & Maserati - All Revved Up and Ready to Go!...[Waves Tony Maserati Collection]0Cliff Goldmacher134911/16/2009 05:40
by Cliff Goldmacher
Green Machine amp[Patrick Wurr Audio Engineering GreenMachine Amp II]2Ghostmech246307/14/2009 12:09
by Chater-La
[test] Moog Multimode Filter: Mojo Filter[Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter]0Mo Volans128706/10/2009 02:10
by Mo Volans
Recording help using Guitar Rig 2[Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2]2fmtx120003/01/2009 21:54
by dmar9
New IK Multimedia plugin?[Audio Plug-ins]5py-rex1975012/10/2008 11:58
by py-rex1
[News] Focusrite Forte Suite TDM[Focusrite Forte Suite TDM]0RickD98210/29/2008 16:27
by RickD
[News] Nomad Factory British Bundle[Nomad Factory British Bundle]0RickD86410/28/2008 12:44
by RickD
[News] DDMF LP10 3.x[DDMF LP10]0kon-tiki80010/27/2008 08:11
by kon-tiki
[News] Zplane Vielklang 1.5 announced[Zplane Vielklang]0kon-tiki68810/26/2008 04:17
by kon-tiki
[News] Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop v2.x[Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop]0kon-tiki62610/26/2008 03:58
by kon-tiki
[News] Soniqware PE-1 Parametric Equalizer[Soniqware PE-1]0kon-tiki77310/25/2008 16:32
by kon-tiki
[News] Crazy NomadFactory Bundle with Dontcrack[Nomad Factory British Bundle]0Psycom62310/23/2008 04:31
by Psycom
[News] MeldaProduction New Releases[MeldaProduction MPhaser [Freeware]]0kon-tiki55910/23/2008 03:07
by kon-tiki
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