Behringer Ultrabass BX1200
Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

Ultrabass BX1200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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MGR/Anonymous 07/19/2004

Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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$50 plus traded a Roland Bass Cube. I wanted something that could handle my abuse at home and at rehersals and small gigs.

Sound was much better than the Hartke and the Peavey that was next to it. Plus it was cheaper. I like the ability to shape the sound anyway you want it. It"s size is perfect to put through a car door without trouble or carrying it up and down stairs.

So far there isn't anything I don't like aboput it.

Construction seems to be up there with all the best gear. It's made of good heavy plywood, great carpet, heavy grill and tough corner protectors.

This amp has gone through the ringer so far. I play about 300 gigs a year and started using this at the smaller gigs just because I didn't need to lug my Eden rig. This amp is very versatile.

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