Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15
Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15

Rumble 100 Combo 1x15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

Quentiin 05/07/2008

Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15 : Quentiin's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor amplifier 100 watts, blah, everything has been said in prior reviews.
Personally I have never wanted for anything with. Must say that I used for cafe-concerts and rehearsals. I plugged my bass and shoo.
So I would say that for my use, I missed nothing, except maybe to a greater equalization / effective, so nine points.


The configuration is bone simple: four knobs settings (low, medium, low, medium, high, high), and the presence of a small button that served me a lot, the "mid scoop" (I think c is that), which boosts the bass makes the sound more round. It works well with Jazzbass and those who like to have a big sound that bounces. We must also say that it tends to make the sound, which is initially quite runny, even more spread out, less defined.

Easily obtained the "sound" of the amp when connecting the instrument.

Regarding the manual, I did not even know there was one so here goes ..


What comes out of this amp is the big bass soft. Then we can love or not love, it is appropriate for certain styles (reggae?) And not others (punk?), But do not have to fart acute with this amp, because even through the knob of this frequency to the bottom, we get more of a boost of high frequencies, with a breath and a sound that assaults the ear somewhat (at least, was the case with my Stingray), not to mention very unpleasant noise when rubbed his fingers against the new ropes.

Adjustment depending. When connecting it's true we get immediately the "sound" of the amp, no need for that feature set (yes I'm repeating myself but in fact I had not seen that part y'avait " sounds ": oD). on the other hand, for those who want something special, it will seek and spend time on it until you reach the limits of the beast. For indeed, I do not think the machine is extremely versatile: It quickly reaches its limits, and the sound is limited to those big bass and lower midrange (or so there was that I liked it).

I played with three different low above:
_ I started with my first, a Peavey Grindbass. Good quality / price ratio too, and it is a low beginner. Let's say that in itself it is not defined, the level of precision, then by connecting the Fender Rumble, sound tends to spread.
_ I also have a 5 string Yamaha BB-605, which sends the big sound. It is active low and in fact quite large. The transcribed combo not too bad if the rope, and low frequencies were quite huge and filled the space.
_ And finally the Stingray. Personally, I never managed to find the particular grain of MusicMan, and then nag like crazy on the strings.

My group is made of power pop, so I can say that playing in the bass, it sent not too bad. The problem was, among other things the game later in the race towards the treble, where I had a little trouble in breaking through the mix (two guitars, vocals, drums).

To sum it sends an amp that big bass that are missing a few potatoes, and many do not attack the root ball. As against them are diffuse.

This is a good combo to start with a good quality / price ratio. But after a while, according to your changes in the instrument and your style, you'll want to change.


I use it for about 2 / 3 years. In fact I started on a Peavey Microbass (story out of her) and I immediately bought the Fender after 1 or 2 months of low, in order to group play, and I can say that this combo I was very satisfied for what I was doing. on the other hand, of course, I was paying the amplifier suitable for large scenes.

The characteristic I like most is the small "mid scoop". It makes a nice sound. : O)

The price / quality ratio is of course very good for beginners, if you find it on occasion even better, you can go for if you are new.

As I said, I changed my sound system so I could do would do 'this choice for the simple reason that my sound would have suited me,' and with the experience I gained I needed something different, something more respectful of my desires.
on the other hand, if I were to lose all my abilities, make me steal my stuff, really beginning to fall, and have a budget, I would do the same choice may be, but then after trying other combos that would be able to satisfy me more.