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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Nemesis (by Eden) COMBO 200 W 4 HP + 1 TWEETER

    Nemesis (by Eden) COMBO 200 W 4 HP + 1 TWEETER - jfp976's review


    Amplifying transistor 200 W RMS Input jack, jacks effects loop, DI output Cannon Semi-parametric equalizer UTILIZATION Easy to use. Clear English manual And what a sound! (Including baritone guitar with a telecaster, with the tweeter).…

  • Chillbass B30

    Chillbass B30 - " The golden age of Chillbass"


    115 combo amp with txitter. For specific features, I copy the manufacturer's website: preamp: 1x 12AY7 + x 12AXT Power: 2 x 6L6GC rectif: GZ34 EQ: Normal flight - flight bright - bass - mids - treble - presence Imputs: 2 inputs per channel…

  • Ampeg BA-115HP

    Ampeg BA-115HP - " Heavy!"


    Combo 220 watt speaker 15 "transistor but closer to 150 and I think Entries for low active and passive, CD input, headphone output and XLR output Style 5 positions and 3-band equalizer, Volume and Gain control, mute button Very helpful caste…

  • Ampeg BA600 115

    Ampeg BA600 115 - " Good amp"


    This amp has two channels without Ampeg footswitch. 1 Vintage with preamp tube and basic settings. The other channel is more modern settings. There a compressor that is of good quality in my opinion. The advertised power is 600 watts but I do not thi…

  • Laney RB2 Discontinued

    Laney RB2 Discontinued - " Its correct, and connectors"


    30w amp transistors Description found elsewhere: Richter Bass Combo, 30 Watt, 1x 10 "custom designed Speaker, EQ Bass, Swept Mid Range, Treble, switchable Compressor, Limiter Input CD, DI out, Headphone Out, External Speaker out 8 Ohm, weight 12 k…

  • Vox AC1RV Bass

    Vox AC1RV Bass - " AmPlug with a drum"


    Features: cf. Vox website and other reviews. This is a nice toy, well designed, well finished, the pots are very soft, all reminiscent of a 80s analog synths like Korg. UTILIZATION Device very simple and intuitive. Manual clear, well translate…

  • Ampeg BA-210

    Ampeg BA-210 - " correct and solid amp"


    Transistor amp quite correct just two minor faults fuse in more than 15 years. UTILIZATION Very easy to use with a gain low mid high eq + 1 knob with presets, a master who also controls the input and output to xlr. SOUNDS Its very versatile I…

  • Markbass Minimark 802

    Markbass Minimark 802 - " quality and portable power"


    Transistor processorisés Inputs: jack for bass, mini jack to in Outputs: XLR line out, HP jack, headphone minijack 150W 250W alone or with additional HP minimal but sufficient settings: volume, shape and amp simulation UTILIZATION no need…

  • TC Electronic BG250-208

    TC Electronic BG250-208 - " Top amp for home and evolutionary"


    The BG250-208 is very different from other combos of the BG250 series (115, 112 and 210 according to HP included in the combos). These other amps are independent products. 208 is actually a package including BH250 head embedded in a cab with 2 HP…

  • Peavey TKO 115 S

    Peavey TKO 115 S - " good little beast"


    80W transistor 80w UTILIZATION use fairly easy fast enough settings to find the sound you search it lacks a DI output SOUNDS it is versatile, you get to play a lot of styles with this little amp OVERALL OPINION I use it for more t…