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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Hartke B30

    Hartke B30 - "Hartke B30 Bass Combo"


    Purchased online from Zzounds Music. I needed a practice amp for late night use living room jams and church performances. Paid $100 (It was a Zzounds offer for a Trace Elliot that went out of stock - great service). Sells for around $130 This unit w…

  • Ampeg B3 Combo

    Ampeg B3 Combo - "Ampeg B-3 Bass Combo"


    I acquired this amp several years ago for around $500 It has plenty of power, bottom end, yet is still relatively portable. A sturdy amp well worth the money. there is nothing I don't like about this unit. A+ Ampeg has long been a favorit…

Translated user reviews
  • AER Amp One

    AER Amp One - " Excellent bass combo"


    I use it in bass combo for two years and acquired it after trying other brands of amplifiers: Phil Jones, Mark-Bass ... I enjoyed the value, the return of quality, reduced and compact size. The performance of this amp in view of its weight, the…

  • Phil Jones Bass Briefcase

    Phil Jones Bass Briefcase - " Awesome!"


    Transistors and amplifier is analog, it is small but still weighs 14 kgs. The connection is sufficient for this type of amp. It can disconnect the speaker to connect a bigger thanks to a small cord connected behind jack- jack and a line output allo…

  • Harley Benton HBW-20

    Harley Benton HBW-20 - " Very convenient!"


    This is an amp transistor 100% Low power of 20 w No effects / std with equal gain, middle, treble, bass and volume RCA jacks to connect an mp3, a Portastudio or a turntable as well. UTILIZATION Configuration mega simple, to get an idea put …

  • Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG

    Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG - " very good"


    great UTILIZATION Great SOUNDS Great OVERALL OPINION 1 month that I use it, great I love everything about him, especially his dynamic …

  • Hartke KickBack 12

    Hartke KickBack 12 - " Good amp input range"


    Power: 120 Watt Preamplification and amplification transistor 1 speaker 12 "aluminum Parametric mids Weight: about 20 kg The power is there, enough for a civilized rehearsal. USE Setup is simple: 3 potentiometers + filter that makes …

  • TC Electronic BG250-112

    TC Electronic BG250-112 - " We at (just) for money .."


    Preamp with all digital amplification DSP 250 Watt (Watts indeed present) 16 kg (low weight indicating the thin panels of the enclosure) 458 x 375 x 540 mm (easy transport) Built-in 6 String Tuner (relatively precise and practical) 1x 12 "…

  • Ampeg BA-108 v2

    Ampeg BA-108 v2 - " Okay"


    25w transistor UTILIZATION To work at home, while having a round, deep sound, no picture SOUNDS round and deep with a Fender Deluxe P-Bass OVERALL OPINION for 2 years very good price / quality ratio for work at home or for beginners …

  • TC Electronic BG250-115

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - " very good product"


    well nothing wrong, but I 9 because with a passive I find the sound a bit muffled but with active just excellent. The 250w is really present. I often use the drive tube to sound a bit outdated. I use very little tone print but it's pretty easy to i…