Zoom MultiStomp MS-60B
Zoom MultiStomp MS-60B

MultiStomp MS-60B, Bass Multi-Effect from Zoom in the MS series.

manu_kinou 12/27/2013

Zoom MultiStomp MS-60B : manu_kinou's user review

«  Mini flexible but sometimes use complex »

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For existing effects, I refer you to the site where there are Zoom full listing. I could copy / paste, but it would be tedious to read. There are effects common to all multi-effects simulators preamp, amplie, DI boxes and speakers.

Editing is done with the main + 3 knobs which are also button switch. After a bit of hassle to successfully integrate the operation, it will not hurt. It's all digital of course and there are only 3 CONNECTIONS jack and USB (+ the power supply).

The big advantage: to link the effects exactly as understood in the order you want, you can put 3 pedals delays following if you want! What flexibility.


The issue is not necessarily intuitive. I do not think this is possible then a computer, even if yardstick USB, the latter is mostly there for the upd of integrated soft case.

Creating patches, which can then be run in a loop by selecting the style (for 3 patches): A -> B -> C> A -> B etc. ... Only worry if you have to switch between two patches in a song, or we only have 2 patches, or it must be programmed as many times as there are changes! Wi-mono jack to add a switch to go back in the loop patches would have been unnecessary!

Similarly Wi-mono jack to add an expression pedal (to vary the volume of a wah or pitch sifter) was a great idea.


So this is where it gets interesting: there is a bit of everything. To begin, I use this pedal in an effect of VT-Deluxe (itself preceded by a MXR bass compressor) loop. So I only use the effects and no amp simulation or pregnant. So for these points, it will look elsewhere ...
I took this pedal phaser, echo, reverb, flanger, chorus, overdrive, tremolo (for central jam "One of these days"!) Synthesizers are good or very good.

I'm much more reserved about the octave that sounds rough and almost like a distortion. It's a shame this is one of my most used effects so far, that of my old ME-8B sounds better! I have not managed to run the filter envelope correctly so far.
For these two effects, it may be due to their position in the effects loop which does not allow them to make as well as they should. I think inserting a Octaver between the comp and the VT or add a filter envelope, but it is even less safe.

Good, c * nneries Defretter kind of self-slap ... not even tried: I have 2 fretless and I think I understood broadly slap technique. Fingers enough.

I also note that what sounds good alone, even on amp volume repetition is not necessarily what is usable in group is too violent and grotesque effect is inaudible. But this is, I think, common to almost all effects essentially digital.


I bought this model in August 2013 (4 months). I use it regularly in concert rehearsal +. The big advantages: flexibility of configuration effects in the order you want and place: my whole setup fits on a Pedaltrain Mini. It is based on the Zoom B3 which is quite famous and I had the opportunity to try on another occasion. In addition, the ME-50B would have been my first choice, but Boss found it unnecessary to allow simultaneous use of delay / reverb and modulation (phaser, chorus, flanger) and do not leave ME-70B has the Like what you find on guitar would have overcome this crippling handicap in any case for me. I turned to a more custom and analog solution except for the effects loop.
The biggest flaws of this pedal:
- Some not so good effects (octave, evelope filter - but I have to dig a little deeper), probably because the use in an effects loop.
- Lack of connectivity to put a controller to navigate a loop patches in both directions.
- No possibility to connect an expression pedal
- No possibility of computer programming
I think the first issue will be resolved soon enough for me, as the other three, I think Zoom should look over to generalize these options on the upd of all these pedals (MS-50G, MS-60B, MS70CDR). And there ... nothing can resist them!

It's still been in all a pretty good buy, I do it again because of the two characteristics of size and flexibility of association effects, there is no competition to my knowledge.