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Ashdown Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo - " a great amp!"


    300w combo amp transistor which are issued only after another firm is connected, XLR output to facilitate the balance or recording, 5 band EQ, and a knob that adds SUB-harmonic one octave lower has your her. Blue Line the bowl measures 15 inches good…

  • Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO III Combo

    Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO III Combo - " I love trying !!!!!!"


    Saluteee Hybrid amplification, 575w, 4 effects, full of rglages ... To connect. Level there has what it takes to be happy ... The combo possde a HP15 that sounds really good! The rglages are simple but takes some time because it can create a …

  • Ashdown T15-250S Combo

    Ashdown T15-250S Combo - " Big sound on a budget"


    It's all-tube, coupled with a 250W speaker cabinet, only about 150/180. UTILIZATION The 5-band equalizer responsive. A few small adjustments, a little haggling to find his sound and then we send the puree. SOUNDS The 15-inch speaker deserves …

  • Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head

    Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head - Ch_'s review


    nothing prciser My Ampeg 6x10 coupled '... his big, big margin in the power, I rarely have to push to the max, except on large scnes good teams. UTILIZATION idem, nothing prciser SOUNDS Suitable for all types of music "modern" I play mo…

  • Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo - Dd16's review


    For features, I will say as the fellow below, refer to the site for Ashdown accurate information. Otherwise, I can tell you it has everything I need and more. Function Sub-Harmonics and friendly although a bit feeble. I use it as a real octaver…

  • Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head

    Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head - " Best of all!?"


    So tube amp, 307 W RMS. It is of course transistor. We can go out jack to connect their HP. course is planned DI output ... Very convenient for the studio or on stage to be transplanted! Settings: Equa comprehensive: Bass / Middle (with high and lo…

  • Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig

    Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig - " Small. Practice. Powerful"


    Amp "stack" transistor, 65 watts. A head and two cabinets 10 ", 16 ohms each (which can be problematic in case of failure of HP!). The front of the amp is a classic: 5 knobs (gain, bass, mid, treble, output), an INPUT, a LINE-IN, and a headphone o…

  • Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig

    Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig - syl59's review


    see other reviews UTILIZATION Config very simple but effective, as usual with Ashdown ... The equation is effective. It is possible to connect a cab for a more discreet, for example at home. SOUNDS Its clearly Ashdown. I have another config …

  • Ashdown After Eight

    Ashdown After Eight - " Excellent Working Amp"


    15W transistor amp, 8 inches. input jack, headphone + external cab (it very well!) Deep button gain input + output volume (ie, the gain can be mounted without increasing the volume and vice versa). Triple EQ Big flaw: the on / off switc…

  • Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo - " Rather good"


    Transistor amp so the sound we are entitled to expect from an amp not lamps. Two entries: the first LOW to passive bass, which will push just a little sound, and a second HIGH for active, which in contrast is 'reduce' the sound. can also connect via …