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Ashdown Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Ashdown VS 412-600

    Ashdown VS 412-600 - finger iguana's review


    I bought on clearance at Woodbrass. It is coupled with a 550 Ashdown little bastard (handmade 50 copies). SOUNDS The bass is really deep and rich with more than 15 leading shoot. The point of view of power is more than enough. All bass sound …

  • Ashdown C210T-500 Combo

    Ashdown C210T-500 Combo - " Expensive but fun!"


    Exactly the same as the Ashdown ABM of the same power. What to remember: a combo that has a lot of potatoes, very friendly, lots of opportunity and look good rock'n'roll. UTILIZATION Simple the ranks of each knob and fader configuration noted abo…

  • Ashdown Drive Plus

    Ashdown Drive Plus - " simpa but not top"


    This is a classic overdrive pedal bulky analog mode. 1 in 1 jack jack out AND power supply. UTILIZATION by adjustment knob. simple enough to find the right sound sound. amber see manual that does not exist. SOUND QUALITY At the time the eff…

  • Ashdown AL-AD600 Amp Head

    Ashdown AL-AD600 Amp Head - " That I was looking for"


    It is a head while transistor recall the old Trace Elliot. There is a 12-band equalizer and it delivers 575W into 4 ohms. There is an effects loop, DI output, and two speaker outputs, or Speakon jack. There is a built-in effect: Harmonic emphasis tha…

  • Ashdown Little Bastard

    Ashdown Little Bastard - " Great sound!"


    Power amp lamp (30W) UTILIZATION The use is very simple: 3 buttons to adjust the frequencies (bass, treble, medium) and a volume plus boost each frequency. Personally, I think it is a good sound quickly when the settings are limited as is the cas…

  • Ashdown 330 Touring 210H

    Ashdown 330 Touring 210H - " too breathless"


    Hybrid combo amp, see the spec on the site low and high inputs, effects loop facade, linet XLR to the rear, a jack in order to couple a cab UTILIZATION simple as that medium low acute master gain and bass boosters medium not seen the manual:…

  • Ashdown After Eight

    Ashdown After Eight - " Very good first purchase"


    15W transistor amp. Very easy to use. The gain and master volume are independent, it must be useful to some but not to me. Ditto for the HP output. However the headphone jack is very convenient. The finish is good and the construction looks sol…

  • Ashdown CTM-100

    Ashdown CTM-100 - Popa Schultze's review


    All lamps 100Watts For 3 months now I am the proud owner of this head. What actually say: 5 lamps preamp (do not know the brand and 2 KT 88 power (unlike 6650 announced in the catalog) Each knob has a boost (mellow for gain, deep bass for, shift. t…

  • Ashdown Superfly 1154 Cabinet

    Ashdown Superfly 1154 Cabinet - " Although"


    15 inches closed, bass reflex back. 4 ohms SOUNDS Reasonable dynamics, its relatively well respected. OVERALL OPINION A 1X15 cabinet that is serious and well If that does not suffer too much from the lack of tweeter but need not be a junkie S…

  • Ashdown Five Fifteen

    Ashdown Five Fifteen - " I found one yesterday!"


    see specifications UTILIZATION not really used. SOUNDS Its clear, a bit feeble (it is a "fake" 100w) OVERALL OPINION Yesterday, in bulky, under the porch of my house, I found one in good external condition. I ride on the 5th, I plug: no…